I will be away at a horse show with D#2 for the week. Those of you who know me, know how much I hate the thought of it. It is a lot of ‘hurry up and wait’, getting up before dawn to get to the showgrounds to sit around for endless, endless hours. In the meantime, I worry about the poochies while I’m away, worry about the house, worry……

Of course, I am trying to look on the bright side – all of those hours to knit! Since packing space is at a premium, I think I shall take along various sock projects. I was also trying to decide if I should take my laptop along. I was about to look up the hotel’s website to see if they offered free Internet access when the back of my laptop started smoking.

Looks like the Fates have made the decision for me – my laptop will be going on a vacation next week too – back to the shop. I shall not be blogging while I’m gone and apparently won’t be reading any either! ~sniff~

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  1. What kind of horse show? I have done that with my daughter as well. Do you get to act as her groom at the show too? been there, have the t-shirt.

    Lydia now works as the barn manager and rider for a 3 day event rider/trainer.
    Good luck to your daughter, and show us what you have knit when you get back

  2. Well, I for one will be coming around to reread old favorites. (And no, Cara, I am not sucking up. Really.) Have fun! Oh, and since you never answered my email, I had to eat in the TGI Friday’s. You have some ‘splainin’ to do.

  3. I will miss you ann, I looked up larder and now i better move my lard ass and clean mine too. ( see how inspiring you are miss swine?)
    enjoy the show

  4. Best of luck at the horse show Daughter #2. Be safe and have fun!

    I will go through Purlingswine withdrawl until next week!

  5. Good luck! I just got back from supporting my only D through a three day swim meet. OK, at least there isn’t an animal involved, but much the rest sound familiar…rushing to wait for countless hours of standing around, the occasional moment-in- the-sun, more likely, hopes dashed, competitive parents scurrying about, crappy food, mounting laundry and bills at home, no sleep.

    Wouldn’t have it any other way….have fun! :)

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