He’s so fine, there’s no tellin where the money went

So it’s Sunday evening and the weekend is winding down. I decide to cruise through the blogs ………

Did you guys check out Mr. Frick? cute, huh? and how about Georgie? a pack of hotties those two!

So what do I do? I quick grab the camera and run through the house in search of Boar, hoping that he still has on his swim trunks. I’ve already got an entry entitled the swimsuit competition running through my head.

Lo and behold, he is NOT wearing his swimtrunks. He is wearing something much, much better and much much sexier than any swimsuit around.

He’s wearing a pillow! While I am sitting on my arse, cruising the Internest, Mr. Boar is putting the sheets on our bed!

Let’s hear it for the Boar ladies – how freakin sexy is that?!

P8060146 P8060145

He seemed a bit startled by the flash, and asked what the hell was I doing? So I explain to him that all the knit bloggers were posting pictures of their cute husbands and I think he is really going to take the cake with this whole very sexy making of the bed thing he had going on.

Boar decided to seal the deal with a money shot.

That Boar, he’s a good sport!

27 thoughts on “He’s so fine, there’s no tellin where the money went

  1. Cheesecake! I love that come-hither look as he slips the pillow into the case — he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing — I’ll bet he didn’t spend too much time on those hospital corners, either!

    ; )

  2. Tell the Boar: no man was ever murdered by his PMSing wife when he was doin’ the dishes or makin’ the bed. Your sweetie is SAFE!

  3. Mr. Frick calls “Mr. January” in the 1st Annual Men of the Knitting Blogosphere calendar. All proceeds to go margaritas and sock yarn for their adoring wives. Agreed?

  4. PS- I think Boar would make a fabulous Mr. December. Photoshop a Santa hat into that money shot and you’ve got some serious come-sit-on-Santa’s-lap action going. We’ve all been very, very good girls this year, right?

  5. I bet alot of men are now putting out a contract on that cutie. He’s ruining their machismo persona. Gotta love ’em though. He is a keeper!! Does he give lessons???

  6. Yep, he’s definitely an excellent sport and has a lovely smile. (See? I haven’t died and fallen off the internet. Just been weird for a while.)

  7. I’ll have to share this post with my husband, whose boxer short-ed butt appeared on my blog earlier this week. I think the Boar has set a new standard in husband pics!

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