I call this one “Lucy in Fiber”


and here’s a peek at the real life inspiration. awww!!

is that the sound of everyone rushing out to buy a pug I hear? pick up two while you’re at it!

11 thoughts on “I call this one “Lucy in Fiber”

  1. OMG it’s so cute, just like the lady herself. Yes I want to go run out and get a pug, right now but I wouldn’t want Poe to think he had been replaced in my life;)

    You know how jealous he is…

  2. those real-life pugs are WAAAY cute! Ok, ok, so’s the CS Intarsia. Doesn’t mean I’ll ever do it.

    So, when do we get to see the back of that pillow?

  3. that looks great! woo hoo!

    did you start the a black one? ;)

    I think everyone needs a pug or two! My mom told me this week she could see DH+I with “an army of pugs.” How cool would that be?!

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