measure twice, cut once!

Can I tell you? This chair was much harder and more involved than I ever imagined it would be. I really thought we would have this finished in about three hours – including set up and clean up. Boy was I wrong!

I spent about six hours making this and I had Boar to help. Help is putting it mildly. I would never have finished this if he weren’t there. To be perfectly honest, I would have completely screwed it up by the second cut of wood . There is a ton of math involved – angles and opposite angles. Also, I had taken pictures of the chair and taken measurements, but I came to discover not all the necessary measurements. So we spent lots of time calculating and changing things around. gah! I think for all future chairs I shall be the lovely assistant and he shall be the one in the flannel shirt.

Would you like to see all the measuring, cutting and jig sawing that went on?


Now that we have our prototype, we are planning on making more tomorrow with some changes …. we are not using screws on the arms and are going to put a longer supports under them. Boar would like to change the angle on the back. There was also some talk of using a beefier cut of wood for the leg supports.

Despite all the complications, I am thrilled with the way this came out and I got to spend the day playing with Boar and making him share his power tools! ; )

25 thoughts on “measure twice, cut once!

  1. Alright, your finger seemed a little close to the saw in the cutting picture. But wow–I am impressed. Do the girls think you are nuttier than they already did? But it looks great! Talk about putting your mind to something! Wow!

  2. Hey! We’ve discussed this before, haven’t we? WooHOOOOOO, look at what you guys MADE! I have to say, Ann, that photographic evidence proves that you are much, much more than just a “lovely assistant.” I can’t wait to see how you improve upon your success!

    Full of wood… from yesterday… I’m catching up from my day off… La’s comment will have me smirking all day.

  3. GO YOU! I am super duper FANTASTICALLY impressed. Seriously. And I’m not kidding about that list of shit that needs to be fixed in my house. I’ll pay you.

  4. Holy Crap! That is awesome! We always underestimate how much time and effort a job will take. But you did well to stick it out and figure out the bst way to improve it, too. Nice work!!

  5. Excellent job, even moreso since all you had to go on was the photo. Folks do sell plans for this kind of stuff, you know. All the maths done for you in advance.

    You must have had fun playing with the power tools though. ;o)

  6. Your dad would be proud! I remember him making your mom a couple of Adirondacks. Your dad did all the work while your mom supervised! LOL! Nice Job you two!

  7. That is So. Freaking. Cool. I’m in awe — y’all are awesome! I can’t imagine making a chair out of lumber with Hub . . . ‘course, he’s of the not-so-handy (but in denial about it) variety, and I’m pretty handy, so it would no doubt be a very big fight.

  8. Wow that is awesome!! great job! my hubby would be at a loss (as would I) trying to figure out how to make a chair like that – and it turned out beautifully! Glad you had fun with your DH :)

  9. that’s awesome! you thought it would take only 3 hours to make? what? are you on crack?

    when you wrote that, i thought you had purchased a kit. and it took you 6 hours to put it together. shit girl, you started with TREES!

  10. seeing the chair reminds me of the ones your dad made. nothing lasts forever though and neither did the chairs. you can always use more chairs good work
    thank GOD for the boar

  11. wait, when I read the comments I had to go back and re read the post, cause I first did a quickie and assumed the first chair was the before and then you stripped it and got the top picture- but now I realize- You fu_ _king made that chair??? HOlY Shit ann!

  12. Um, yes, I too flinched when I saw you about to lower the radial arm saw with your thumb sticking out saying, “Here I am! Cut me!” But apparently it was just the camera angle. Whew.

    Great work! Lovely chair! Who got to sit in it first?

  13. Nice job! We made our own adirondack chairs and two side tables too. We used a back with 5 pieces instead of your three. That was about ten years ago and they’re still in good use. Great Job!

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