Today we are off to take D#1 back to school for her sophomore year. She had a campus job for the summer and spent all of June and July on campus. The job ended early in August and she has been here with us for the past three weeks. It has been so, so nice to have her home and I am going to miss her! I shall concentrate on all the car knitting and try to ignore the fact that my children are growing up and leaving me. wah!

In news from the wood shop ….. John and I churned out three chairs yesterday. I started the day off making a tutorial, complete with pictures. The minute the carpenter’s protractor came out, my confidence began to flag. I persisted. Pictures were snapped, notes were taken. Then the angles and bevels came into play. holy cow.

Is this something you guys would really make? The rip cuts? The angling of edges? We used the following: a table saw, jig saw, radial arm saw, router, nail gun and electric drill. And of course the absolutely indispensible Boar. Have you got yourselves a Boar?

wouldn’t you rather the secrets to my fabulous marshmallows? for those you will need a candy thermometer and a mixer.

Darlings, if a tutorial you want, a tutorial you shall have. I am here to do your bidding.

well, you know, I mean most of your bidding – at least as far as wood shop is concerned. For all that other stuff, I’m gonna need wine. Lots of wine. and maybe some shots.

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  1. Oh, I’ve been crying over the kids growing up and leaving, too, trying to stuff more useful tips for living into their heads and make them learn all the rest of life’s lessons by osmosis in a week. It ain’t workin’. I’m getting over it, looking on the bright side — because there is one. She takes wing a week from Sunday…

    WOW! Three more chairs?! How many more are you going to make? And an upcoming tutorial! Yippee! I do have myself a Boar — a slightly different model than yours (mine doesn’t have a radial arm saw). ; )

  2. I hope today goes well. If they grow up and leave you it means you’ve done your job right. I’m not sure if that’s any consolation, though.
    I’d love to know how you make marshmallows but not so much with the chairs. I’ll just buy one from you. ;-)

  3. Wow, 3 more chairs, you and Boar are amazing. Glad you had a good time with your daughter, they groe up so quickly don’t they. My thoughts are with you as you drive her back to school.

  4. No true Boar at my house although my mate is aspiring to be one. I’m far more interested in the marshmallows;)

    I’m with Carole I’ll just buy your chairs!

  5. Three more chairs in one day?!? That is some serious progress. I am really impressed. I have a Boar, but we have no garage, yard, or tools. And our little one is still little and not about to grow up and leave. Someday I will grow up and be like you…

    What have people been asking for that would require so much wine? (Not that one NEEDS an excuse for the wine). Just wondering.

  6. I would like to know the secrets to your marshmallows! Of course, a chair tutorial would be neat too. The odds are much more in favor of the marshmallows being made than the chairs! ;)

  7. Hmmm… marshmallows or chairs? Is this an either/or choice, not both?

    j/k.. I would love the chair tutorial, as this is something the Bonez and I could likely make. But… I believe that either ReadyMade or Make zines have covered something similar, so don’t feel pressed by me to get the turtorial done. It’s whatever makes you happy, darling.

  8. Dang, and you thought you got a lot of comments for knitting lace – lookie what happens when you build a chair! As a matter of fact, I would love to know the secrets of your marshmallows, but you can just tell us and not actually show us. Because, you know, dimpled rump and all :-)

  9. You’ve gotta love the fearlessness of knitters. Jig saws? Routers? Radial arm saws? No problem. Bring it on. Te-hee! Well not me. Nope. Too much yarn waiting to be knit. But the Marshmallow recipe,now that sounds promising!

  10. You mean all this time you’ve known how to make marshmallows and I never thought to engage you in conversation about this? Man, I *suck*.

    Can you make divinity, too? Wanna come to my house and make some? Better yet, I’ll just invite myself over to your house. If you saw how much crap Lloyd and I managed to pack into 3 rooms over a 12-year-period, the shock of it might render you unable to build furniture evermore.

  11. You brought back fond memories. All of my worldly goods stuffed in the back of my Volvo on the cross bronx at dawn heading for the Liberty HoJo’s and beyond.

    Breakfast at the Jet, the ginormous worms that would come out on the campus paths in the rain. And the rain,one year we missed leaf season entirely beacause it rained 42 days consecutively…ark building was considered as an elective. Or at least a freshman foundation project.

    Best of luck D#1 – I’m jealous!!!

  12. best of luck with seeing your daughter off! My cousin just started college near my parents and I – and she already is coming “home” for the weekend :) I hope your daughter’s experience is better


  13. Please add my vote for learning about your marshmallows – sounds wonderful!
    Was that you, Ann, who wished me a big welcome to the blogging world? Thank you!!

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