It is officially fall around here. I know the calendar would have something to say about my proclamation, but I have seen the signs and summer is over. That can mean only one thing – Fall has begun!

Sign #1 – we spent yesterday getting the pool ready for winter – this involves a thorough cleaning, a filter disassembling and then wrestling with the gigantic cover, all the while screaming at the pugs to get off of it. This happens every year and every year about halfway through the process I corral them back into the house (another process that involves screaming) all the while muttering that I should have never let them out in the first place and why don’t I ever learn.

Sign #2 – alarms went off early this morning and D#2 is off to start her Junior year of high school. The college selection process is on her horizon – egads! There was a flurry of phone calls last night as outfits and hairdos were discussed.

Sign #3 – talk of upcoming Rhinebeck fun is reaching a fevered pitch! Outfits and hairdos have also been discussed. I am campaigning for capes.

Sign #4 – did you check out my new banner image?

In my last entry I promised you pictures ……

new kitchen table!
it has a distressed pine top and a maple bottom painted with black over red. Also has extender boards for either end which make it fantastically big. You can sort of see the matching bench on the far side. The hunt is on hunt for new chairs.

Raindrop Lace Socks
yarn: Cherry Tree Hill pattern: Evelyn Clark

FA in PA gets the last laugh – a dishcloth!
between those Mason Dixon girls and now Vicki, who can resist?

22 thoughts on “Fall

  1. I have not heard a thing about capes! No one has consulted with me about outfits or hairdos! I am thinking of a fantastically new cut and (egads) maybe even color! I think about these things forever, though. Maybe a cape will do…

    I’m the the one snickering in the corner with FA in PA! Huh? Girl, isn’t that the most fun you’ve had with a dishcloth in a while? I love that pattern…

    Love your table, too!!

  2. TEE HEE — TEE HEE — TEE HEE! rofl

    New table looks great — also like the new banner image — guess what I am knitting once again –lol

  3. Oh! I’m going to Rhinebeck too! I can’t WAIT to see you.

    And. In late-breaking news…. I’m getting a spinning wheel tonight. I’m going over to the dark side. My aunt has my great grandmother’s spinning wheel! And she said I could have it!

  4. First day starts Wednesday for us. My baby is a senior and continues to say “I’m never growing up, My 7th grade science teacher said I would be dead by 18 because I stress over my grades.” Well the stressing part is long over and she has developed the “Peter Pan” syndrome. Still has even thought about college but just wants to go away. What does that say about what she thinks her family life is? Good luck today. Table is gorgeous.

  5. Capes? but I’d look silly in a cape. I don’t wanna wear a cape.

    As for chairs to match that gorgeous kitchen table, get thee to thy workshop, o thou mighty conquerer of the jigsaw and various measuring implements! :o)

  6. Ohhh how I envy you the signs of fall. There are so few fall indicators at this point here in Northern California. . .it was 98 today. If it wasn’t for my nieces and all the talk of marching band and cheerleading, I wouldn’t even have any hope of fall showing up. Plus, we have no Rhinebeck. Oh the sadness

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