I’ve got nothing for the blog today – but two days away seemed too much. I have been knitting away on dishcloths (quit smirking!) and painting the Adirondack chairs. They are waiting for a second coat. And I have also been cooking – trying out a new recipe.

Did I mention that D#2 got her learner’s permit? That she has already been driving Onslow? Yes, my two babies! But mostly she has been using our Subaru with its automatic transmission. And the news from D#1 is also very exciting – she tried out for and made a special chamber choir. As a part of the curriculum, they travel to Bulgaria and Greece for 16 days in May! gulp.

happy knitting darlings – I shall leave you with an oldie, but a goodie ….


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  1. OMG, thank you so much for posting about driver’s ed — I need to call and change M’s class time!

    D#1 will be fine… you know it. I know it. It wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t have that heart-grabbing, throat-choking thing going on — it gets better. ; )

  2. LOL at the dishcloths, they’re addicting are’nt they. Congrats on D#1, I spent 3 weeks in Greece when I was 21, it is beautiful. I’ve been to quite a few places in Europe, but Greece and the Greek islands were my favorite.

  3. you’re letting D#2 drive the mini?!!!! the horror!!!!

    my nieces who both have their licenses are lucky if i give them a ride ;)

    just kidding. i’ve let both of them drive it, especially when i’ve picked them up at school.

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