how about a nice cold one?

I got some good spinning done yesterday. I thought I had better concentrate my energies on getting some twist into all of this roving I have before it’s time for Rhinebeck!

So anyway, I keep my wheel in our basement. When we bought the house, we had A Very Brady Basement, all bright orange and brown. Boar and I refinished it a few years ago. New paneling, floors etc. and it is really nice down there now. There is a bit of a mini kitchen and Boar has his beer on tap. His keg is very close to my wheel. As these things often go, my craft starts to take over.



I hope you can tell that I am only guilty of keg proximity – I did not drink and get behind the wheel!

fyi – Boar has a collection of beer paraphanalia – he does not have Shlitz on tap. That is an antique tap handle. There’s Killian’s in there at the moment!

14 thoughts on “how about a nice cold one?

  1. I love the new logo, very cute.

    You have a fanatastic basement, I absolutely love it, as you know since I oohed and aahed all over your basement when I visited.

    It’s all because of the beer of course;)

  2. Great new logo! Nice spinning, too – not to mention an excellent “fiber holder.”
    Tho’not a beer drinker (seriously, I’ve only drunk a total of a 1/2 can in my whole life – I’m a Margarita kind of gal), I do know that Schlitz was bought by Stroh’s of, none other than, Detroit, Michigan.
    I can see, in my mind’s eye, my dad (who passed away in ’83) holding a can of Schlitz on a hot summer’s day in their backyard. Thanks for the memories….

  3. My husband used to be (prior to my knowing him) an avid beer can collector. As a result he also has/had lots of paraphanalia including a shlitz can that was turned into a light. AAAAGH!

    Great spinning. I love the color.

  4. as the purchaser of the antique tap for boar i agree that schlitz brought back memories for me too of my dad having a cool one on a summer day. but it doesn’t have the same appeal as the more popular brews today

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