am I squandering my talent?

I have a question for all you dishcloth aficionados out there – and you know who you are. What is the difference between Sugar & Cream and Peaches & Cream? I only just noticed that the Mason Dixon pattern calls for Peaches & Cream. As we already established, I am a wicked bad skimmer. When I saw the label reading & Cream, I just assumed I had the right yarn. I also wanted pie. A big piece of pie.

I am still in the thick of spinning all that roving. Vows were recently made regarding my lack of roving organization. I told Cara that from now on I was going to write a note to keep in the roving bags with all pertinent info – what it is/where I bought it etc. – so that when I blog about being in the thick of all that roving, I can be a bit more specific. Being the genius that she is, Cara pointed out that I could accomplish the same thing by simply keeping the receipt in the bag. Brilliant, the girl is brilliant!

In other news, it looks like I will be working on Mondays. A new yarn shop, Knitting on the Lamb, has recently relocated to my town. I went there yesterday for what I thought would be a getting to know you session and ended up working the whole day! I am also still teaching at Pathways Women’s Health on Friday afternoons. Kathleen and I are trying to convince Granny to hold some classes too! my takeover is almost complete! ; )

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  1. I’d like to know the difference as well. Rumor has it you can only get the Peaches variety at Wal*Fart – where I WILL NOT GO. But I know the local AC Moore has the Sugar variety.

    And now I want pie too. What’s up with that?

  2. I use them interchangeably. I think “Peaches” is a teensy, tiny bit smoother or polished and also, perhaps, not quite a worsted, and the colorways are a lot different. “Sugar” is a little more rustic feeling — not much, just a little. This is nothing but personal opinion and observation — I don’t know TRULY what (heh, if any!) difference there is.

  3. mmmm pie.

    Oh, wait. Yarn, we were talking about yarn. Somewhere I read a whole study someone did on the different cotton yarns, but they were just working with white to see how they held up as washcloths. They are different, but not hugely so. I haven’t used much of the Peaches, b/c of the Wal-mart connection but like the Sugar kind just fine.

  4. I can’t detect a difference other than there seems to be more color variety in the Peaches ‘n Cream. But Sugar ‘n Cream is easier for me to find so that’s what I usually use.

  5. I had to check my cotton after reading this , I did the same thing and just saw cream and bought it, I did’nt notice that there was a difference. Love the colors in the dishcloth, congrats on the job, but I think you’re going to spend your paycheck on wool.

  6. haha wal-fart.

    what everyone else has said. i prefer peaches … but like cara don’t want to give wal-fart any of my money. but they’re pretty much the same. they even have some of the same colors.

  7. On the Lamb! Love it! Yeah, I predict this will be less of a “job” and more of a “shopping opportunity.” Kind of like when I worked in a book store in college. Don’t fool yourself!

    My favorite pie is pumpkin.

  8. You know the whole cotton ‘creme’ yarn got me to. I did a bit of research & found that both yarns do come in basically the same colors (same color numbers and everthing). Suger & Creme seems easier to find in the North, Peaches & Creme is easier to find in the South. My thought is that it from the same factory & sold to two different distributors…

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