There is little of interest to blog about here at Chez Swine. Washcloth production continues. Did you read the comments in my last post? Ginger gave me a great link to an in depth comparison of the different cotton yarns. I bought loads of Sugar & Cream at Michaels’ the other day and can see that I will be making a trek to Walmart sometime soon for some Peaches & Creme. Yes, the evil Walmart. I want to try P&C, the color selection is huge and I don’t care how unpolitically correct Walmart is. And if you must know, I will also buy some Tide if it is on sale. And toilet paper.

While life has been boring and rainy weather has halted staining of the Adirondack chairs, I have managed to get through some of my Netflix movies ….. Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion, The Dying Gaul, Friends With Money, The Libertine and The Man Who Cried. Now that I made a list I see that I have been watching lots of movies! The first two were by far the best, but all are worth renting.

9 thoughts on “yawn.

  1. Hi Ann,

    You know me from the spinning guild (SSGLI), but perhaps not by name? Somehow, I missed the fact that *you* are purlingswine. Had to some by and say hi. HI! :)

    The washcloths are so cute and happy, perfect to use around January or February when it’s grey, grey, grey out.

    Are you going to be at the Smithtown Heritage Fair this Sunday? I intend to be there, with a mock up of the program.

    Talk to you later,


  2. Wish I’d seen the Comparison section before I made my dishcloths. Love the colors you are using. I know you just can’t beat Walmarts toilet paper!!, I’ve tried others but DH does’nt like them as much.

  3. I wish I could be so patient and methodical — that comparison study is amazing.

    Cara is hilarious!! “I won’t step into the place, but as long as you’re going…” ; )

  4. One thing I’ve noticed on the P&C is there are two sized balls. There is a 2 oz (the variegated colors are this size) and a 2.5 oz. The round washcloth in the M&D books calls for the 2.5 oz ball. Just something to keep in mind as you shop for you and, err, Cara.

  5. hey ann- Did you hear that we are getting a wal-mart on crooked hill rd.? Along with the homedepot and Kohls that we don’t need? I think I was mis-informed.
    I only saw “Friends with money”, out of the flicks you mention. I enjoyed it- What did you think?

  6. what do you know of the Knit-Out & Crochet fair on 9/17 in Union Square? It’s a fashion show hosted by the Craft Yarn Council of America. Sounds like fun…

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