argh!!! the one time I remember to save my post as a draft it doesn’t work! and I get messages saying typepad is down for maintenance. Why if they are down for maintenance is 6 a.m. was I able to access my posting page at 8:30, only to be told that my opus would neither be posted nor saved??? ergh.

Anyway, I what I was trying to say was that my sweet pug Lucy has a hot spot. And it is in a tricky spot. And that I don’t want to put the elizabethan collar on her since I am convinced she would really hurt herself trying to navigate our house and yard with that thing on. And that my good friend and fellow dog lover Peggy suggested putting a t-shirt on her. And that although I didn’t think a t-shirt would cover the spot, how could I resist the chance to dress up my dog?

the minute D#2 stepped away, Lucy zoomed around the room trying to run out of the shirt!

she really hates it!

well the shirt didn’t cover the spot and now she is wearing a bandanna just like all the cool dogs do.

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  1. Heh heh heh One Eye. Where’s the bandana shot?

    I almost called you late last night because I was watching the boob tube and there was a commercial for some dog stuff to stop itching and they had a split screen: one dog was all calm cool and collected and the other dog was freaking out trying to scratch the top of its head like a maniac. Guess which dog looked justlike Wilhelmina?

  2. AAAWWWWW poor baby! I hope the hot spot goes away soon. My gramma’s little Buttons gets them on her tail a lot, and a Tshirt wouldn’t cover that either. (kinda funny to watch them zoom around for a minute though) hehehe

    hope Lucy is all better soon! :)

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