Yesterday’s picture inspired me to take some shots of my favorite snowmen. I have a small collection and display them throughout the winter. (nevermind that it’s freakin’ 60-something degrees here!)

This snowman family is by far my favorite. In fact, it may be my all time favorite decoration. These little guys were my mother’s. When I was little I loved them – I can remember playing with them. They must not have been too expensive, otherwise I would never have been allowed to go near them. Mom was a school teacher and during the holidays would receive a number of gifts from her students. I bet that this set was such a present.

At some point, my mother stopped putting these out in favor of other knick knacks. Lucky for me she never threw a single thing away. Years ago I was thrilled to see them in a Christmas decoration box in the corner of our attic.

Knitting time has been limited this week in favor of more hours at the knitting shop, as well as a gift wrapping session last night.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I had to laugh when you said you don’t remember “playing” with the snowmen! Your mom wouldn’t let us sit in the living room except on special occasions. What makes you even think she would let “PLAY” with her fragile Christmas decorations?! LOL! As I recall you didn’t even play with most of your own toys! They were closed away in a glass display case in your room. However today you are lucky to have your childhood treasures in such great condition.

  2. Yesterday’s picture was just sad. Like kids being returned to the orphanage or something. Who returns snowmen to Costco???

    Love your little collection — and especially your memories. ; )

  3. My mom is a retired school teacher, and every Christmas she hauls out her collection of “gift from kids she taught” ornaments and puts them on her tree. I’m sure it’s a walk down memory lane for her.

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