Yesterday’s picture inspired me to take some shots of my favorite snowmen. I have a small collection and display them throughout the winter. (nevermind that it’s freakin’ 60-something degrees here!)

This snowman family is by far my favorite. In fact, it may be my all time favorite decoration. These little guys were my mother’s. When I was little I loved them – I can remember playing with them. They must not have been too expensive, otherwise I would never have been allowed to go near them. Mom was a school teacher and during the holidays would receive a number of gifts from her students. I bet that this set was such a present.

At some point, my mother stopped putting these out in favor of other knick knacks. Lucky for me she never threw a single thing away. Years ago I was thrilled to see them in a Christmas decoration box in the corner of our attic.

Knitting time has been limited this week in favor of more hours at the knitting shop, as well as a gift wrapping session last night.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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