morning has broken

It is 9:57 am. I have been up since 6:15. The house has been cleaned, laundry folded, ice lanterns made (told you I was a ice lantern machine!), dishwasher unloaded and I have even managed to read some blogs.

Yet with all of this industry, here is a picture of my bed:


why hasn’t it been made?

how about a closer look ……


25 thoughts on “morning has broken

  1. LOL! That is too cute of a close up of Poe! Unlike you Poe obviously is not an early riser. Did he opt for breakfast in bed this morning?

  2. And to think animals have been refered to as “dumb”!! What an adorable dog; no way he is going out on such a frosty morning!

  3. So cute!! I’m convinced they’re genetically predisposed to seek all that is down-filled…I thank goodness my pug can’t get up on his own. He’d never leave :))

  4. I love your bedroom — it looks so serene and cozy, all at the same time.

    My heart is made of stone. I have made my cats into the bed more than once. Depending on the cat, it either scrambles frantically to get out or lies down and takes another nap.

  5. hi Poe! :)

    napping with pugs is the most comforting thing ever. when my DH used to travel for work a lot, I used to let Boris sleep in our bed with me. He made me feel less lonely. :)

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