The Tapestry Needles Have Eyes

and so do I!Pc110041

to continue the theme of all things terrifying& grisly, here is a shot sans shower & makeup while on the phone with Cara. note to self: those extra 30 minutes in the morning are really worth it.

I am thrilled to report that a recent eye exam declared I need reading glasses. Yes, I am one of those insufferable dorks who have longed for glasses for years. but look how cute I am, is it any wonder I’ve wanted rims for my peepers?

[another clever title! this one courtesy of Julie – thank God for clever readers]

19 thoughts on “The Tapestry Needles Have Eyes

  1. I love your blog, no matter how I’m feeling you always get a laugh out of me by reading your posts. It is a great way to start my day. Hey, the glasses look good.

  2. Aw, they look great! I’m one of the only people in my family who doesn’t wear glasses . . . my 13-year old nephew is the only other one. Although, technically, I do have glasses for distance, but really only need them when driving unfamiliar roads (they ARE helpful for road signs), and the occasional movie . . . but I was kind of excited when I got my first pair back in college, too . . . finally, “cool” like the rest of the family!

  3. ANN!! you got your glasses! You know what? I can see why you were hoping for them. You like like a “sexy smart” chick! I really love the style you went with. (Now you will be knitting at record speed.) xo

  4. why o why do people who have perfect vision want glasses when those of us with terrible vision would love to be glass-less? at least they are more fashionable now. your bro wants to know why they are halfway down you nose.

  5. Yay for you! I am 38 and the day of reading glasses is approaching but isn’t here yet. I took my daughter to get her glasses and I spent a long time admiring my cuteness in the mirror with all the reading glass choices. I am going to be the cutest over-40 glasses-wearer ever, next to you! (I am also going to lose any glasses I ever buy; it’s a given.) I can’t wait to look over the top of my glasses when I need to give my husband a pointed look.

    I don’t know if that’s your house in the background, but it looks lovely!

  6. Hi Ann,

    You do look very, very cute. :)

    Take it from someone who’s worn glasses most of her life: it’s easier without them.

    When I was a kid, other kids sometimes called me four-eyes. My response was, “If I have 4 eyes, then I’m better than you, ’cause more is better, and you only have 2.” Don’t ask me about the logic on this, but it shut them up *every time*. Yay.

    Sometimes, I’d forget I was wearing glasses, and walk in the shower with them. Duh. It’s getting all blurry in here. What? Oh, yeah. I have glasses on. :o

    Talk to you later,


  7. Ooh, hide my eyes from the glare! You are blindingly beautiful in those glasses!

    There. Did I make your day or what?

    I wore glasses from the age of 9. Hated ’em, got contacts at 15 and never looked back. But I always thought reading glasses looked cool. Now I’m old enough — and have been for 15 years — to need them. I buy ’em at Sam’s Club by the 3-pack for $20 and leave them strewn casually about the house.

  8. I liked the view through the looking glass of your home it looks like a charming antique shop. Your FAinPA (presently your FAinSC lol)couldn’t figure out at first what rooms we were looking at. Like the glasses, Terry got his about a year ago. I guess I’ll be next!

  9. love it! love the picture, love the mirror, love the glasses – LOVE IT. I also love the pic of the dog in bed hehehe. We are soon to add a doggie to our family, and he is reportedly an under-the-covers suggler as well :) hehehe

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