pom pom envy

I will admit, the concert was good.

But not good enough to be worth missing The Office. Mr. Boar had set the machine up to burn the episode to a disc. He even went to Radio Shack to get a blank disc. For reason that remain yet a mystery – it didn’t work.

No problem – I’ll just get it from Itunes, right?


panic is now rising. why doesn’t Itunes have it? what is going on? maybe I checked too soon last night in the Itunes store? well it isn’t there this morning either. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t seem like they have every single episode. crap.

thank God for Cara — she burned a disc and will send it to me! YAY!!


and now for a small, pictureless pom-pom tutorial…….

  • I think the key to a good pom-pom is wrapping the yarn many, many more times than you think you need.
  • Wrap the yarn around a dvd case. this also made a pom-pom that is way too big, so you may want to find a smaller item. Make sure whatever you find is stiff – the wrapping will make some things (like index cards) bend.
  • Wrap and Wrap.
  • Once it is all wrapped, slide the bulk down to the end of the dvd case, but not off.
  • A double length of yarn is used to secure the pom-pom together and also to secure it to your item. Make sure it is doubled and long.
  • Take the doubled length of yarn and using a tapestry needle thread the yarn behind the wraps on one side of the case, come over the edge of the case and go behind the wraps on the other side. In this way, you are tying it around the wraps on both sides of the case.
  • After it is securely lassoed slide the whole thing off of the case and really tighten that double length of yarn.
  • Then cut all the loops!
  • jump around the room like a cheerleader and wonder if you should have made it bigger.

13 thoughts on “pom pom envy

  1. I recently got the digital recorder with my digital cable plan. Oh… it is so nice to be able to have wholes series set to be taped.No worries of missing it.. This way I can watch them whenever I want.. and never worry about missing Grey’s or 24( when it starts again.)

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