a box


Over the weekend, this giant box was brought up from the basement. Here is list of what I have been able to find out ….

  • it is something I will want. Not anything that I’ve said I’ve wanted.
  • it is heavy.
  • it was D#2’s idea
  • once they got it, the Boar took it into his workroom to customize it
  • when Boar went shopping for the customization, he went to Home Depot, but said that if they didn’t have what he needed, he would go to Kohl’s.
  • it is not in the box it came in
  • it is in a wooden box inside the box (see picture taken through carry handle hole in side of box that didn’t get covered in wrapping paper)
  • in order to get it, D#2 did something that was out of the ordinary for her
  • Boar and D#2 have been cooking this up for a few weeks.
  • D#1 has just gotten in on it since she is home from college

any guesses?

blogging may be light for now. I am working extra hours at the shop this week and company arrives this weekend. I need to throw things into high gear if I am going to be ready ….. of course, if any more clues come to light, things will be updated immediately!

15 thoughts on “a box

  1. Isn’t it wonderful your ‘loyal subjects’ are doing this for you LOL. Now, I wonder why do they say that? .No matter what it is that they got involved in the process.

  2. If memory serves, and lately it hasn’t, didn’t you want some kind of accessory for Proud Mary? I can’t remember what it was but it went with her. Maybe it is leaning in that direction.

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