operation mystery gift

The box. They made me wait until the very end of the present opening to open my two big boxes. In the most recent big box, was a new flat screen television for our bedroom. Frankly the minute that box hit the pile, I new what it was. Mr. Boar had dropped very unsubtle hints and it is as much a present for him as for me. The television that was in our bedroom was 15 years old, and although nothing was wrong with it, it was a technological dinosaur. The new one is fantastic. But let’s proceed to the original mystery box. The one with all the clues and taped over peep holes……

Do you remember me telling you how I love to find junk on the side of the road? Well, this trunk is the beauty that was inside the mystery box.


Let’s review the list of clues ….

  • it is something I will want. Not anything that I’ve said I’ve wanted. D#2 spotted it at the barn, abandoned in the back storage room
  • it is heavy. not as heavy as I thought
  • it was D#2’s idea once they got it, the Boar took it into his workroom to customize it Then Boar had to refurbish it.
  • when Boar went shopping for the customization, he went to Home Depot, but said that if they didn’t have what he needed, he would go to Kohl’s. New hinges and leather straps. Which if he couldn’t find at Home Depot, he was planning on buying two belts at Kohl’s
  • it is not in the box it came in it is in a wooden box inside the box (see picture taken through carry handle hole in side of box that didn’t get covered in wrapping paper)
  • in order to get it, D#2 did something that was out of the ordinary for her she asked around about who the box belonged to, including talking to trainers that she doesn’t know – pretty bold stuff for her!
  • Boar and D#2 have been cooking this up for a few weeks

inside the box


A red Ipod Nano!! Yay!! this was on my list and they even got it inscribed! Here is a close up of the inscription. A quote from Arrested Development. D#2 share my abiding and somewhat compulsive love for quoting all things AD. it couldn’t be more perfect!

24 thoughts on “operation mystery gift

  1. My appetite is satisfied. I was so wondering what that box was. I love it and it goes so well with your decor. What a thoughtful bunch of swine.

  2. Wow! Who would have guessed A box in the box?
    They put SO much love and effort into giving you a fab Christmas Ann. I think they earned Big points this year! (maybe make some shrimp scampi!)

  3. What a delightful surprise and story! Clearly your family dotes on you. As they should.

    Definitely put LOTS of yarn and roving and some cedar blocks in that chest. Martha Stewart, eat your heart out!

  4. Operation Hot Mother indeed! (“Yeah… let’s try to top that.” “They didn’t, and operation Hot Mother was soon underway.”)

    Happy holidays to you and yours!

  5. Hey, that’s not a sheep! So you scored nicely I must say! I’m still cracking up about the Op Hot Mom-LOVE AD! I miss the Blooms so much! Anyway, have fun!

  6. That is an awesome trunk. You obviously inspire your family to get that all together.

    I am thinking of getting an mp3 player. Can you give me the benefit of your experience and tell me what to look for, I have never owned or used an mp3 player. I want to list to music and podcasts when I am at the gym but also when I am fibering.

  7. Oh, odds my bodkins. Talk about genius gift presentation. That was brilliant.

    Of course, I think that your family was in cahoots with my family, because Lloyd managed to surprise me, too:

    have an evil monkey christmas

    Happy New Year to my favorite quoter of Arrested Development in the known universe. :)

  8. Overall, a fantastic end to a fantastic mystery! I’m sure by now you’ve loaded up the little red guy with all sorts of tunes perfect for hot mother shenanigans!

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