I have tried writing this post three times! you would think that taking a mini blog vacation would set me up for fabulous, fun entries. Wrong! I spent my holiday week playing with my new iPod and otherwise lolling around. I didn’t even do much knitting! ~gasp~

Our New Year’s Day was gray and rainy. I am beginning to despair of seeing any snow this year. Mr. Boar and I got the tree taken down. I am always glad to get that job done. As much as I love to put it up, I love to take it down. Enough already!

okay, so it looks like I am going to be a complete yawn in 2007. I have run out of things to say. One last question before I go —– how wide is the English Channel?

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  1. English Channel is 21 miles wide at its narrowest point. It is called La Manche (The Sleeve) in French. “The Channel is a relatively recent feature in geological terms. Its depth is never very great, so in the last ice ages, when the sea level dropped due to glacier formation on land the sea bed was uncovered, and it was possible to walk from England to France.” (http://everything2.com/index.pl?node=English%20Channel)

    Thank you, Google. :-)

  2. That is completed freaky that you asked the width of the English channel. We were discussing that during one of the trivial pursuit games we played on NYE!

    I don’t think you could ever be truly boring either! You’ll get into the groove. The holiday thing often takes the wind out of people’s sails for a bit.

  3. You got the width at both the narrowest and widest points already, so I will not repeat it but I must ask: Do you plan to arrange a knitalong or whatever you call those and make us all knit a cover for the good old channel or what? :) This will surely add interest to 2007 for all of us me think,,,

  4. What you talkin’ about, purlingswine? Hmmm? From swimming laps to the talk of the Channel, that’s quite a leap… er, stroke… er…

    What you talkin’ about, purlingswine???

  5. Glad you lollied around. I did too, but was hoping to read good swine while doing so! You aren’t allowed to take such a long break Miss English Channel Nut.

  6. Happy New Year, Ann!

    It’s good you took it easy a bit. I was playing with my new cell phone, my first. :)

    I can’t believe you ran out of things to say. It’s the holidays that do this to people. Once the routines are back to being routines, you’ll feel your wit jumping to write.


  7. I missed reading your blog. You are so funny. My tree still needs to go down. I think I will wait a week..too much work. got the rest of the stuff away though. Happy New year!

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