pee – eeeew!!!!

let’s see, do I know anyone who lives in New Jersey? near Secaucus?? near the swamps?????

sure they may be blaming the swamps, but I bet it’s just Cara cookin’ up a batch of her 4-alarm chili again. ; )

12 thoughts on “

  1. That’s just crazy. Like that’s never happened before??? Does Cara ever smell anything?

    I live in paper mill country and some of them can create quite a stink — some folks like to call it “the smell of money,” since the mills employ so many…

  2. Jeez Whiz. First you make that Barry Manilow crack over at Cara’s, then you imply she is responsible for our latest Funny Smell Alert. I tell you, the room gets tougher every day. Remind me to keep my nose very, very clean around here. ;)

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