A list!

this is going to be my fallback bloggy format when the week is too hectic to allow for graceful opening sentences, outstanding summations and of course, punctuation.

  • Tuesday: an evening in the city for A Chorus Line. I think the show was great. It was hard to say since I was so uncomfortable in the theater seat. Yes, my ass is big, but it’s not the size that should preclude me from being awed by high kicks and jazz hands. All of my fellow theater-goers, thin and thick alike were moaning and groaning at the end of the show. The evening did however receive Flair & my special ‘mark of excellence’…… we peed ourselves laughing!
  • Wednesday: lunch with the ladies. Another NYC day. another stellar adventure. We went to the Bryant Park Cafe which was fabulous. The food was delicious and the ambience even better. They had no problem with us lingering over lunch and even whipping out our knitting as the restaurant slowly emptied. Afterward we went on a divine tour of local button shops and knick-knackeries. ~sigh~ oh, I even brought you guys a souvenier!
  • Thursday: SnB with the ladies. Ricki we ever the gracious hostess and we had a lovely time sitting and knitting, and spinning! Peggie Ehlers has joined our group and she has moved her blogging efforts over to typepad. So update your links!
  • Today: a small step back to reality. I need to clean this house. but once that is accomplished, I am off to get a hair cut & color and then will be spending the afternoon with D#1. She is heading back to college on Sunday. ~sniff~

11 thoughts on “A list!

  1. Best Souvenir Ever. Evahhhh!

    Now, you know I would never, ever, ever try to crash a Ladies’ Lunch, at least not without your express written and notarized consent. Having said that…the next time you come to town, if you’d like, I will meet you at Penn Station, race all y’all across town to Grand Central so’s we can do the much-discussed Market Crawl, and then have a faboo lunch somewhere. I promise not to load you down with too many foodstuffs, or to ask too many inane newbie knitting questions. For real.

  2. You know, I took one look at the fun fur hat knitting charity drive and declared: I am Cara. I can’t do this one; I’d be happy to write a check. Now what am I supposed to do?

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