surely Shirley Stacy

Shirley Stacy Pullover from Big Girl Knits
yarn: Brooks Farm Four Play

Now that it is finally finished, I am for the most part pleased with this sweater. It is one of the few I have knit for myself that actually fits. It is on the short side, but that is the way the pattern is designed. I am not thrilled with the way the sleeve caps fit into the armscyes, but that is an issue with my row gauge and not the pattern. I ended up needing to ease in a full inch of fabric, which adds bulk, which I most definitely do not need.

BUT, I do like this sweater and want to concentrate on the good things. First and foremost being – IT FITS! It is also a bust enhancer. My bust is a mid-range bust, so enhancing is a good thing. It does wonders for my waist. As does the longer ribbing.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this book. If you are a big girl, you should definitely add this to your wish list. If you are not a big girl, you should also consider adding this to your library – the beginning chapter on measuring yourself and adapting patterns to suit your figure are clear and consise and invaluable.

My next project is going to be a percentage based V-neck sweater (using E. Zimmerman and Jackie Fee as my guides) and also throwing in some waist shaping ala Big Girls. No patterns this time around – just a measuring tape and a calculator! yikes!

26 thoughts on “surely Shirley Stacy

  1. It looks great, Ann! Congrats on the finish. I will definitely have to check out that book…

    I have had Elizabeth Zimmermann on the brain lately — planning to borrow some videos from the library this week.

  2. Shirley is surely pretty! But I echo everyone else – we definitely need a model shot. I’m interested in the waist shaping. I’ve always avoided it because I have no waist – it’s pretty much a straight shot down to my hips. I’ve always worried that waist shaping would accentuate that, but maybe not?

  3. woohoo, you finished it! and renamed it! (isn’t it stacy pullover?)

    I would love to see a modeled shot since I am considering making it but not exactly sure… I think I will have to add bust shaping (which now I can do no problem thanks to that section in Big Girl Knits!).

  4. It came out gorgeous! The sleeves look fine. Too short is something I keep running into. I can’t decide if it’s the fashion I hate or if I’m just bemoaning my long lost little waist.

  5. I, readers of Purling Swine, today had the good fortune to see the splendor that is Ann in her Shirley sweater and I tell you, they are a sight to be seen!

    Way to go, girlfriend!

  6. It looks beautiful! I have yet to knit myself something from the book although I do have it :). I had been eyeing that sweater, but being of over the mid-range bust size ;) I don’t think it will do me any good. I love your color choice!

  7. Your sweater looks terrific – I hadn’t pictured it in variagated! Can’t wait to see it on you. Sleeve caps/armscye always have to be fudged I think. I do mine several times. :)

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