simple simon ann

First off, I am a knuckle head.

That sweater is the Stacy Pullover, not the Shirley Pullover! [thanks to Jess for picking up on that] As for the modeling shot – I fear it will have to wait for: 1. better lighting 2. better bra

I am waiting for some Beaver to Slide into my mailbox. ; ) It is under consideration for my percentage sweater project. Of course, I could use some stash yarn. But that yarn was bought years ago for nothing in particular and as a result has sat, knit and ripped and now unknit.

Speaking of that , on my ladies lunch day last week, one of my dates mentioned her new approach to yarn purchases. She will not buy yarn unless her very next step is to cast on for the intended sweater/project. Years of knitting have taught her that should she buy something with the thought of knitting a particular project, if she doesn’t start right away, another pattern comes along and grabs her eye.

I am going to adopt this for my credo too. Except sock yarn, I will always buy sock yarn. My credo has an addendum! What I haven’t worked out is what my new philosphy will mean for my existing stash.

In more knitting news, I used my new Knitpicks needles to cast on for a pair of socks last night. These needles get a most definite thumbs up from me! After reading through my sock pattern collection and casting on for a few different patterns, I believe I will simply knit 2×2 ribs.

Sometimes simple is best.

9 thoughts on “simple simon ann

  1. That’s an excellent approach to yarn purchasing. I sort of stick to that. I don’t buy yarn unless I have a plan for it but sometimes my plans change and that’s when I run into trouble.

  2. I look forward to a modeled shot of Stacy! :)

    mm beaverslide heh heh heh. I am SO looking forward to finishing my current (malabrigo) sweater so I can start my beaver heh heh slide sweater!

  3. It is truly a sad state of affairs when I have to read your knitting (dear God) Blog to see what you are doing and what you are up to. So Glad we’re all caught up. I see you are well, had a great time in the city with your friends(a hem) and completed your sweater which is quite beautiful.


  4. Somehow, “Stacy you can’t be serious” doesn’t quite have the same ring. I’m calling it Shirley.

    Now hurry up and get that better lighting and better underaccoutrements, so you can do your little turn on the catwalk, yeah, on the catwalk, yeah, on the catwalk, do your little turn on the catwalk…

  5. Dahlink, this is a technical question for your sock-making expertise. The idea of hand knit socks excites me and I would have been on the bandwagon with the STR Club except for this one thing. Now, I know you and you know me, so knowing the size of my calves/ankles, how does one embrace with abandon a cuff-down sock pattern and know that it will fit one’s “Estonian” calves? 7″ up from the floor, my ankle/calf measures 12.5″ around. My only STR purchase sits unloved in the bag cause I’m too mathematically challenged to attempt all the friggin work only to find the socks don’t fit or I run out of yarn trying to make them big enough.
    This is why I shy away from anything fitted; socks, sweaters…

  6. Interesting plan on the stash buying. I tend to buy yarn just because I like it and figure out what to knit with it later. That could be why my stash is a mess.

    Beaverslide! lol. Cute cabled sweater.

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