it’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to…..

First things first – my package from Margene!


a handmade card!

Margene recognizes my inner hot mamma!
she hasn’t been the same since our kiss ;)

how sweet is that sachet?!

it smells so good

Thanks Margene – you’re the best!!

and now for the birthday heartbreak in the form of a small story

……. in my stash I had two skeins of CherryTree Hill yarn. “I shall knit some socks. Look! they are in the same colorway and so there is plenty of yarn ” and I begin to knit. And knit. One sock is completed and the other has a partial heelflap. It is at this point that I run out of yarn on the first skein.

While I am setting the second skein on my swift for winding, I realize that it is not the same weight as the first skein. Crapola. whattodo whattodo? A conference with Cara yields the solution of holding the strands doubled. okayokaythatshouldwork okayokaythatshouldwork

Not only is it now too thick – but the act of knitting reveals that these are not the same colorway at all! double crapola.

I have some leftover Koigu in the stash from the last time I ran out of sock yarn. So here’s the choice:

  • do I decide that I possess that certain younosayqua to not only knit, but wear mismatched socks? the benefit – I just attach the Koigu and knit. the downside? I can’t even spell younosayqua let alone act it out.
  • or do I rip out the exisiting sock? the benefit: I will have matched socks. the downside: I already have the ends woven in!

You would think that this would be the end of the heartbreak. You would be wrong.

As a means of distracting myself from some tough knitting decisions, I turned my attention to my BeaverSlide color cards. More phone consultation and a color was deemed perfect for my upcoming % sweater project. I got on their website – chokecherry is sold out! I have inquired as to the chokecherry availability timeframe …….

  • but, do I pick another color? the upside? I will have new yarn for my project. the downside? this will be especially difficult since chokecherry was crowned the perfect one.
  • or do I wait it out and knit another % sweater from my stash? the benefit? there are two benefits …. I will have knit a prototype % sweater and worked out any kinks and I will have knit from my stash. the downside? I hate my stash.
  • ~wail~

32 thoughts on “it’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to…..

  1. I’d rip enough of sock 1 to give me enough yarn to get to the same point on sock 2 and then I’d do contrasting koigu toes.

    I’d also try to knit a prototype from stash. or if you really hate the stash that much you can send it all to me ;)

  2. First – Happy Birthday! Hugs to you on your day.
    Second – I’d wait and see if the chokecherry will be available. If that’s the perfect color you’re not going to be happy with anything else.
    Third – frog the socks. It’s rough but it’s the best solution, I think.
    Finally, go eat cake.

  3. Happy Birthday!
    Wait for the chokeberry.
    Mismatched socks are totally the way to go. Unleash your inner rebel in a safely hidden way. ;o)

  4. happy birthday!

    I’d wait for the chokecherry, I know it sucks, but I hate buying my second choice because I always end up spending the rest of the time looking at it and thinking, “I should have waited for my first choice.” I think this is how we end up with stashes we “hate” or at least don’t like as much as we could. ;)

    as for the socks: you could always just knit with the koigu on the unfinished one if you plan to always wear closed shoes on top. but uh, I suspect you might never wear them if you just make the foot on the one koigu green… what colorway and weight of cherry tree hill is that? Maybe someone here can stash dive and find some for you? I might have some but I can’t tell what colorway that is… :)

    again: happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday missus!

    And I do certainly think you have the “je ne sais quoi to wear similar yet different socks. Sisters don’t have to be twins!

  6. Sorry. I bought most of the Chokecherry. I’d hand it over but it’s mostly knit up. If you really love it, I’d wait for it. Although I must say that the Wild Crabapple (different weight) is really, really nice too. More pink. Chokecherry is a very unisex color. Okay, it’s almost manly, not that I’m complaining, just stating.

  7. Happy Birthday missus!

    And I do certainly think you have the “je ne sais quoi to wear similar yet different socks. Sisters don’t have to be twins!

  8. Happy, happy birthday!
    We wish you lots of cake!
    And if anyone tries to mess with you
    We’ll beat them with a rake!
    Oh, I don’t know. It just came to me. I, too, wanted the choking cherry. I went with other colors. I will choke my Beavery cherry later.

  9. Oh Ann! I wish I was there to kiss and make it all better. The gift is a warshrag…like I sent Cara last year…you know, to keep you smolderingly fresh;-)
    Frog the sock back to the heel, find a contrasting color and knit the foot in stripes. You can live with that fix, no?

  10. Happy Birthday, Ann!

    Rip the done sock, and knit both socks’ tops with the original yarn, and the bottoms with a coordinating yarn. I may be in a similar situation soon. We’ll see.

    I’d wait for Chokecherry. I want to tell you to knit the % sweater in another yarn to iron out the issues, because that’s a really good idea, but I’d never do it myself. By the time I finished one version, I’d be too enamored with some other pattern to do the same one again.


  11. Happy Birthday!!! Sizzle. ; )

    What’s that yarn doing in your stash if you don’t love it? Is it truly and forevermore unloveable? Can’t find the feeling anymore??

    I think I’d rip the sock, if it were mine. I think I’d do a stripey foot that didn’t necessarily have to exactly match on both socks, maybe heel and toe in the contrasting color.

  12. Happy Birthday, Ann!!! Well, that’s a big fat bummer about the socks. You could do what I do: Just leave it like that and start a collection of one-and-a-half socks. I don’t even have the excuse that I ran out of yarn. I’m just not a sock-knitter. I have learned that about myself.

  13. Happy, happy birthday dear Ann! The sock issue isn’t a problem, it’s an opportunity to invent a fabulous, never-before-seen solution. Oh hell, I’d do what Jayme said to do. And wait for the chokecherry. Have a glass of wine and view the stash – you’ll like it better if you’re a little bit likkered up :-)

  14. Keep the sock! There’s enough senseless death in the world as it is. Besides, did you know there’s a company now that’s selling mis-matched socks? For real.

    Wait for the chokecherry, but practice on another yarn. Yeah. Two sweaters. That’s right.

    Happy Birthday. You deserve a cocktail.

  15. Happy Birthday Ann!!!! Just use the finished sock for a wee Christmas stocking next year and buy yourself some new sock yarn. Wait for your perfect color and if you feel you want to knit 2 % sweaters, go for the prototype too. I love spending other’s monry;) {Happy Birthday}

  16. Happy Birthday, girl!

    You might be having a cry but you are entertaining the hell out of the rest of us!

    You know what I would do about the sock. I definitely do not have youknowhoweverthehellsaywhat?

    Order the yarn. Cast on from the stash and work as follows: *K2 (days) Call1 (day). Repeat from * until the people at Beaverslide either dye, raid their own stashes or call all people that have ever ordered it for extras to get that flaming swine woman off their backs.

  17. Happy Birthday! Oh, the drama of it all!

    I think you do have the je ne sais quoi (I think that’s how it’s spelled) to sport the mismatched socks, but you could maybe find a coordinating solid, rip back part of the foot of the first one and knit two-toned socks instead?

  18. I can’t believe I missed your birthday. I am the suckiest friend ever. Ev. Vah.

    Knowing that you’re working hard on that trip from Dover to Calais, is there room on the trip for cake? Everyone should have a little cake on their birthday, even if it’s not exactly on their birthday. Just sayin’.

  19. Take a birthday stash soak-
    Put all of your stash in the bathtub- ALL OF IT (make sure no needles find their way in). Relax in the bath surrounded by yarn. You will fall in love with your stash all over again.

    happy birthay, hottie.

  20. Happy Effin Birthday! I’m so sorry I missed it! I was sick all last week and failed to keep up on my blog surfing/posting duties. My blog sits idle as I try to discover the perfect WP plugin to allow me to insert an outrageously funny video clip….
    Happy Birthday you ol’ bag of laughs! Love ya!

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