thank you thank you for your birthday wishes! and your many suggestions regarding my sock and yarn choice suggestions. For now I am ignoring the socks. I want to simply attach the Koigu and finish the damn things, but fear that I will never wear them if they are mismatched to such an extent. On the other hand, I do not have the knitters’ stomach at the moment to start ripping the finished sock. So I am setting the whole damn thing aside.

As for the BeaverSlide ……. I have been carrying the colorcards all over soliciting friends’ advice. My first thought was to go with the BeaverSlide Fisherman Weight in the color Autumn Dogwood. It is very close to the chokecherry. But Margene tells me that the fisherman weight is considerable heavier that the worsted. I don’t want to go any bigger than 4 st/inch in gauge.The waters have gotten further muddied by Kathleen’s suggestion that I check out Peace Fleece and by bins of Cascade 220 at a local yarn shop.

In mother in law news ….. her pace maker was put in on Tuesday and her wrist surgery was yesterday. Both went well and she is feeling good. I believe she will be released from the hospital today!

hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. I didn’t say buy bins of Cascade…I just reminded you of Vicki’s lovely St. Brigid. Must see this sock dilemna. Haven’t we heard this story from you before???? ;)

  2. Margene is totally right about the fisherman’s weight being a lot heavier than the worsted… I just swatched a stranded pattern in a combination of the worsted and the significantly heavier.

    Glad to hear about the MiL! :) Enjoy your weekend!

  3. er “I just swatched a stranded pattern in a combination of the worsted and the fishermans — it really is significantly heavier.”

    I haven’t had any coffee yet this morning, therefore I can’t write coherent sentences. Sorry! :)

  4. Stick with the Beaverslide. Peace Fleece is a million times more scratchy and having just knit a sweater with Cascade, there’s no comparison. You know you want the Beaverslide….

    Great news about MIL!

  5. I have some Peace Fleece and a somewhat dated color card in stock if you want to try it. I made my husband a sweater out of it and did not find it scratchy – nicer after washing.

    Happy belated Birthday!

  6. Good news re: your mother in law!

    And oh no! I missed the birthday! Happy Belated Birthday!

    I’d wait for Chokecherry. If it’s perfect, it’s perfect. Of course there’s always the perfect Right Now, but no. Wait.

    As for the socks, that’s exactly what I would do. Heave them into the dark and let them consider their badness.

  7. OK, I’ve missed so much it’s beyond skimming at this point. So sorry about your mother-in-law. Happy birthday! Great stuff on aging over at the Portland newspaper. LOL. Did anybody suggest just getting a totally unmatching in color skein of Koigu, in a matching weight? Two unmatching colors would be even better. It would be like 2 pairs of un-matched socks but only 3 socks. Doesn’t that appeal to you AT ALL? xoox Kay

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