I know many of you are suckers for the button tin. Here are some pictures of mine.

This was inherited from my Grammy. Many of the buttons are loosely tied together and many came from dress shirts – carefully snipped off and tied together before the shirt went to the rag bin. I have to confess that I myself have not added much to the button tin. At least not many buttons – all that incidental crap in the first picture are things I have tossed in there when I couldn’t be bothered to find a real home for them.

P1270045 P1270046

I went digging through the bin to find a button for a little FO – a finished Calorimetry! I started this project while mulling over my recent yarn dilemas.

Click here for a look at the button options. The button sits at the nape of the neck, so I used the one on the bottom right since it has the lowest profile.

P1270006 P1270007
yarn: Plymouth Soy Silk Stripes – thanks Kathleen!
pattern: Calorimetry
recipient: unofficial D#3, Baby Ruben!

14 thoughts on “calorimetry

  1. Great minds and all that… I started another Calorimetry (my third of a possible four) last night! I am pondering the yarn and pattern options for the Latvian mitts — which are supposed to be started on Wednesday. Oh, so many possibilities…

    Your Calorimetry looks great! LOVE the buttons, of course. Goes without sayin’, but you know, I may as well make a comment about them since I’m commenting. ; )

  2. That Soy Silk looks sooooo soft — and what beautiful hair Baby Ruben has! The Calorimetry will keep her smiling.

    That curly button? I think you should make a one-button shrug specifically for it. I love it!

  3. HOLY COW, my first reaction was ‘how did she get the Calorimetry I knit for Hilary?!?’

    It looks exactly like the one that I knit for a friend for Christmas. What are the odds that the skein would work up the same weigh twice like that?

    BTW… I like it ;-)

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