shayna punim


check out my new swimming headgear! a big thanks to Mary for the bday prezzie! I will certainly be the talk of the temple and will be leaving them in my wake (literally!).

You will be happy to hear that I have ordered some yarn for my upcoming sweater project. I decided on Araucania Nature Wool from Webs. The price was so fantastic that I did what I swore I wasn’t going to do – order yarn without a project in mind. I ordered a sweater’s worth of both color #8 and color #41. Can I just say that $4.69/ball beats yarn store employee discount? I felt it would be fiscally irresponsible not to order more yarn.

If you also read Cara’s site (and who amongst us doesn’t?), you will have read the hilarious story of Janice & Marge. What she may not have mentioned is all the bitching she is doing about being Marge. I don’t know what she has against the Marges of the world, but man oh man there is some deep sh*t there. Knowing that such Marge hostility exists in this world makes me even happier to be Janice.

Here is some Marge in poetry – when Cara sees that Marge is not just some blue-haired cartoon, maybe she will have a change of heart.

“Still the world is wondrous large, — seven seas from marge to marge”
In the Neolithic Age by Rudyard Kipling

“Lines I write the first time and the last time.
He who works in fresco, steals a hairbrush,
Curbs the liberal hand, subservient proudly,
Cramps his spirit, crowds its all in little,
Makes a strange art of an art familiar,
Fills his lady`s missal – marge with flowerets.”
One Word More XIII by Robert Browning

can I just say that the whole lady’s missal thing is weirding me out a little? I’m not sure what a missal is, but I don’t want to go anywhere near it, let alone cram it full with flowers.

hold the phone – I just looked it up. whew, I feel better.

10 thoughts on “shayna punim

  1. All I can think of is Marge Simpson. And Ann’s new swimgear is the shame shade of blue as Marge’s hair. I’m thinking Ann should have to be Marge. And my mind was totally in the gutter over the missal/flower thing.

  2. Oo la la on the headgear! Verra pretty.

    So the lady’s missal, Mary Magdalene, and the DaVinci code have anything in common?

    My aunt’s name is Marge. I call her Auntie M.

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