I put in a few hours at Granny’s this week. She is having her yearly sale and asked me to cover some hours over two days. Whenever I work for Granny, my goal is to owe her money at the end of the day. Pictured above is part of my earnings, the rest of it is intended for gift giving and wasn’t included in the photo shoot. The yarn is Fino, an alpaca/silk blend – I am on the hunt for another shawl pattern – Knitting Nature and some steel crochet hooks. Funny, even though I do not crochet, I have some strong opinions about plastic crochet hooks!

We are having a snow storm this morning. Here is a shot of my Bridget being turned into a dalmation. And now for a slide show I like to call “Dogs are Idiots, Scratch my Belly” …..

P1300019 P1300020 P1300021

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  1. Love the cat pics. They are such make-me-happy animals. Can’t help but smile when I see mine – such antics to get attention. I just got that book as well – very well done.

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