guess who’s coming over! We are going to the Spinning Guild meeting tonight – going to learn how to spin silk caps! It will be nice to get reacquainted with my wheel – it has been forever.

and now a small knitting update – I am approaching the armhole shapings.

wasn’t that exciting?

And now for your pig of the day. These were a gift from Vicki and have been named after her and her DH!

what do you suppose they’re singing?

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  1. I think they’re playin’ the Beer Barrel Polka — beer goes good with brats and with cheese! I wonder if that little cheesehead eraser would fit one of the little piggies…

    They’re adorable, aren’t they?

    Have fun you gyys!!

  2. Hey, and now I’m wonderin’… just what is that material you’re using in your lightbox, exactly? Hm? It doesn’t look like paper towels, but it doesn’t look like plain ol’ paper, either. Is it that foamy, styro-like packing stuff?

    Did Cara get her groove back?

  3. I think they are singing “Jimmy crack Corn”
    I hope you had a great time spinning last night. Today the Weaver’s Guild of Buffalo is having a basket making workshop. By tonight I should have my own handmade basket.

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