view from my kitchen window

Poe, Canine of Mystery

it’s so hard to know what he’s thinking

if only he had words …..
what do you suppose he wants?

18 thoughts on “view from my kitchen window

  1. Hi Ann,

    At first, I thought he was forlorn because nobody would play ball with him. Then, I understood what he is really thinking is –> Why do I have a shocking pink pole coming our of my ass?


  2. I had to click on all three photos and compare them, who knows why. And I found that Poe has literal stars in his eyes. Or maybe that was his power shining through as he compels someone to Come Out And Play.

  3. Rosane LOL I am so glad I had swallowed my soda…

    I think he is enjoying the sun and thinking that maybe some one will see me here and come out and throw this ball for me… but the sun is nice anyway even if no one takes the hint.

  4. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the ball! :) I just want to snuggle Poe!

    Boris is VERY GRUMPY that we got enough snow to go allllll the way up to his chest. Poor pugs and their short legs.

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