a pug’s morning

it is pouring buckets here today. Mr. Boar is on his way home to help bale the garage – we shall try to keep the rising tide from hitting the back door and coming in the house. In lieu of pictures of my soggy morning, how about a peek into the rarefied life of a pug?

Your day will begin at 6:15. This is your choice. You will perform many spectacular stretches in order to procrastinate going outside to attend to your business. After your outdoor business meeting you will zoom back into the house and madly run around the coffee table with fellow pug Lucy in hot pursuit. You will both be running and yelping with ferocious intent but all the while being nothing more than clowns. After the mad dashes you will be delighted to hear it’s time for breakfast. You and your fellow canines will barrel down two flights of steps and skid across the wooden floors perhaps even wipe out when taking the corners. You will wait patiently by your bowl for your food. Those other two idiots act like animals.

You’ve had your kibble. You have been up for one hour. What do you do next?

See if Mom has made the bed yet and settle in for a nap until dinner!


pictures taken at 7:30 am
he remained in this spot until 2 pm

I almost forgot the daily pork report!

18 thoughts on “a pug’s morning

  1. Oh the life of a pug. Sounds a lot like a day in the life of my cat. I’m hoping that if I lead a good enough life, I’ll be allowed to come back as a pampered pet.

    Raining buckets here too.

  2. Are you sure his kibble isn’t served on a sterling spoon?

    (He’s SO adorable.)

    I will not tell you what first came to mind when I saw the daily pork. Is that a tile? I’ve been enjoying this new feature quite a lot.

  3. It’s 1:20 p.m…get ready Ann..he’s thinking about rollin’ over and seeing what the rest of the household is up to! What a hoot, little himself is!

  4. Hee hee… at first I mistook that piggy photo as a sheep in pigs clothing. Then I was wondering why the sheep had only three legs…

    Can I be your pug?

  5. Your pugs are so cute! My black one has a sweet little face just like yours..Molly had 3 litters of pug puppies and omg they are just the cutest!especially the black ones.
    So glad all worked out with your D.

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