Your daily pork report continues to come via my bedroom …..

clay sculpture that never quite made it to the wall
this guy hangs out on my dresser

I am working on the second sleeve of the sweater. It feels like I have turned a corner and am getting closer to the finish line. Speaking of the finish line – there really should be none of that. This whole thing has been worked in the round and I am going to join the sleeves to the body and work a raglan shaped top. I shall only have a 14 stitch underarm seam to sew. that will be bliss!

In other knitting news, I am loving my KnitPicks interchangeable set. However my two shortest cables have problems. The one would not screw into the needles properly and the other just snapped apart. Kathleen reports that customer service is wonderful, so it shouldn’t be a problem getting them replaced.

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  1. I’ve had a bit of heartache with one of my cables in my KnitPicks Options set. I haven’t contacted them yet about the issue but I, too, have heard that they have stellar customer service.

  2. KP has replaced two of my cables for the exact reasons you name — I can vouch for their customer service, too. And I read a tip on someone else’s blog — when a cable separates from its tip, a drop of superglue will do a very good job of solving the problem.

    Hmmm, just had a thought. Maybe a drop of graphite on the threads would make the not-screw-into-the-needles-properly problem go away. I might have to try that if I encounter that again…

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