does that count as four?

these little guys are lined up along the thermostat in our bedroom. I think they are actually tiny erasers.

It is crazy cold here. The outdoor thermometer read 11° this morning and the wind is wild. Our yard is full of branches that came down during the ice storm and today will add even more to the heaps. Once the weather warms up our chipper shredder will be getting a workout. I think I would like spring more if it didn’t mean so much yard work!

I’m making meatloaf for dinner tonight – I have a butcher’s blend of beef, pork and veal. Anyone have an all time favorite recipe?

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  1. screw the yard work, just bask in the spring warmth! No school up here today because of the windchill (and the crazy snow of yesterday and last night – high winds= massive drifting)

    Recipe? Hmm, I sometimes throw an envelope of Spatini spaghetti sauce mix in my meatloaf, but thats with plain ground beef. Butchers blend, YUM, maybe some chopped green onions, fresh ginger and soy sauce?

  2. Mix in an egg, a cup of bread crumbs (you know…nice french bread crumbs), a bunch of spices and throw catsup on top before you bake.
    OK, I don’t know but I love the tiny little piggies.

  3. i do mine like my meatballs Ann. For 2 lbs of chopmeat- break up 8 slices of bread in bowl and smush with some milk. Add 2 eggs, Romano cheese, fresh parsley, garlic, S&P and fresh or basil flakes. form loaf in a pan. cover with some tomato sauce and bake about an hour. Peter loves it when i put canned peas around the whole loaf.

  4. Recipe? I don’t normally use one unless I’m baking a cake, but usually I toss in an egg, some cracker or stale bread crumbs, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper, and garlic to the meat mix. I also love to add sauteed mushrooms, onions and peppers and some tomato paste in with the meat and since Da Man is a purist and prefers his veggies on the side I make mini meat loafs instead of one big one. Just remember the smaller ones take less time to cook and are great to freeze!

  5. I think my first and favorite meatloaf recipe came from the outside of a Quaker Oats box. It’s probably too late in the evening for it now. I will try to find it and see if it looks familiar.

    I covet your chipper/shredder.

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