I’ve got nothing. If it weren’t for the pig-a-day thing I wouldn’t have even bothered. Things are very mundane – I am halfway through the second sleeve of the pullover. Even though I am alternating skeins every other row, another area of visible lightness is occuring. I have made the executive decision to not give a shit since I truly will put no more effort into this than changing skeins. Once I get to the part where I attach the sleeve tubes to the body tube, I will take some pictures.

I was about to say that I hope you are having more excitement than me – but there is nothing wrong with the mundane. Being busy with routine is not necessarily a bad thing and sometimes excitement is not good. So I am glad to be boring I guess.

You know the old saw about the marital seven year itch? I am working on a theory about the Three Year Blog Blahs …… anyone care to share their views?

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  1. Three year blog blahs…hmmmm, too much of a good thing is enough? I like being here and the community of knitters is wonderful, but some days there just isn’t much to say. Love the pigs, as usual. Maybe I should collect trout?

  2. I find I go through the blog blahs a few times a year and February is definitely one of them. I think we’re just anxious for summer.

    I’m loving the pig parade.

  3. Snore…. my blog is so f’ing boring right now I can’t belive I still get comments. At least you have the freaking pigs. I got nuthin’ – stupid yarn diet. Stupid UFOs.

    PMS, anyone!?

  4. Like I’m Mrs Excitement…At least you’ve got your piggies! I think collections are pretty cool (at least yours is). I look forward to the sweater when it’s ready. And oh yes, mundane and boring is sometimes a necessity. Snore on!

  5. blogging blahs, eh??? Well since you are responsible for getting me blogging, may I now help YOU? I would love to suggest Sunday Scribblings! ( which I Also learned about from you) I think it would be great for you to blog about something unrelated to knitting as a change and a chance to chase the blahs away! They usually put up the new prompt on fridays. Hope you take MY advice buddy. :))

  6. Oh, odds my bodkins, but you’ve nailed it, my dear. My own little blog was three years old in December, and I’ve been in the slumpiest slump that ever slumped this year. Of course, I can trace said slump to certain events at the day job, but when I’m actually sitting in front of the computer, coming up empty, I’m less interested in the root cause, and more interested in writing something that won’t make me smack my head against the keyboard in despair.

    Help me, Obi-Wan Purlingswine. You’re my only hope. ;)

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