get the sensation!

I bought these two years ago at a gift shop in Pennsylvania, The Gallery at Cedar Hollow. As I recall it was a fantastic shop, filled with lots of great items. When you pull the string, their arms and legs go up and out. It’s comical although for some reason it borders on the naughty when she does it. Something about the way her skirt hangs with those crazy legs sticking out. The pictures I took do not do justice to the craftsmanship involved.

a closer look? her, him

I just previewed this post and my God, these pictures really do suck! and my camera has no battery left, so I can’t retake them at the moment.

The knitting is getting closer to being exciting. Cara has decided that my recent bout of bloggy lethargy and general bitchiness is a case of small gauge. I suppose I should remind you all that I decided to knit this endless stockinette pullover on size 5’s. And just about everyone agreed that that was the better swatch. I should also remind you all that I am a large size woman. This is a shit load of fabric I am knitting! so yeah, I’m cranky about it.

But there is a ray of hope! Last night’s knitting brought me within eyesight of the metaphorical bend in the metaphorical knitting road …… I am on the second sleeve and have only three inches to go! Once this happens, I will join the sleeves to the body. Yes, this will make a tremendous round of knitting – however there will be the raglan shaping decreases along with the v-neck decreases! I can almost feel the metaphorical wind in my face as I ride my metaphorical knitting sled down that hill. It will be like eating a York Peppermint Patty.

12 thoughts on “get the sensation!

  1. those pig people are so cool! :)

    You are chugging away on that sweater. :) I totally hear you on the size 5 needles and amount of fabric… because I have the same issue (but it does make a great fabric with less bulk, which is a good thing)! :) You’re almost there!

  2. When your camera is back up and running, please show us pictures of the piggies with their arms and legs out. It sounds so funny. (If that’s what the ‘closer look’ pics were, I’m sorry for the request. For some reason, I had problems with those links.)

    Hang in there on the sweater! Sometimes the endurance projects are the ones you love the most.

  3. You crack me up. Enjoy that peppermint patty! I can’t wait to see the sweater! Bet it’s really nice, I know I’m not the one who did the endless stockinette stich, but it seems like this sweater went pretty fast. Love the piggies! I have an owl that’s similar, except he’s already a little obscene since he sports a hook on the front:)

  4. Dear God Cara has it, I’m suffering from small gauge too! I am at the yoke of Ian’s sweater but man it’s killing me, this is why I don’t make sweaters for myself.

    When oh when will I get the sensation?

  5. These two are way cool but I am so glad you decided to go ahead and post some of your pig collection. It’s so much fun, thank you for sharing Ann!

  6. …and I’m a large woman too and I’m contemplating a couple sweaters on size 4 and… 2. Yikes. I’ll think of them as Epic Marathon Sweaters. Mt. Everest Sweaters. Man To The Moon Sweaters.

    Like I said, yikes.

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