Do you want me to start with the knitting part, or the part where other blogger’s sexy husbands are sending me presents?

Fine, but you chicks are twisted ….. yes, yes it’s true! I did order yarn for the facing hem! I decided to forgo the Colinette and instead ordered some Blue Sky Alpaca/Silk from KPixie in the color garnet. While I was at it, I also ordered some dyed cotton in circus peanut. oops! I believe I may have ordered the last of the circus peanut stock because the picture is no longer on their site – it’s a lovely pale orange/peach, exactly like those god awful Circus Peanut candy thingies. I want to try knitting a Baby Surprise jacket and think that cotton might be just the thing. While I am waiting for the order to arrive, I spent my knitting time yesterday working on finishing some long lingering projects. I like to do a little fiberly tidying up in between projects.

Now can I tell you about the sexy part?

Well, you know Nancy? Beside being one cool chick, did you know that Nancy surrounds herself with very sexy guys – and I ain’t talkin’ about her sons?! (although, those two are adorable; just on the young side) Rinaldo, ladies, Rinaldo! when I say his name, in my mind I roll my r’s and emphasize that o at the end. go ahead, you say it – isn’t that sexy? oooo, I just gave myself a little shiver. I first met Rinaldo at Rhinebeck a few years ago. I thought he was very cute. Then he and Nancy bought that house and Rinaldo strapped on a tool belt. Well, that sent me over the edge. First the sexy name, but now the tool belt?! I am a sucker for a guy in a tool belt.

***yes, I meant every pun and innuendo. ; )

Yesterday there was a package on my doorstep. The package seemed to be from Nancy, but then I read the note.


Did you read the part where Rinaldo said I needed it? ahem. need I say more? and did you notice that Nancy put that cute little winkie thing at the end, but you just know she doesn’t mean it?

P3200065_2 P3200066
I wonder if Rinaldo bought Nancy a crumb sweeper?thank you Nancy and Rinaldo!

I hope this doesn’t send Rusty, Kevin & Georgie into a tailspin ……

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  1. One thing you ain’t never gonna see strapped on my man is a toolbelt.

    There may be a couple of other things he’s not strapping on as well, but definitely NOT a toolbelt.

  2. You will not see a toolbelt on Kevin. But he could invest some money for you and probably lose it. :) Did I just say that. That’s why I should stick to commenting once. I just had to vindicate myself and my red in the first paragraph. I think we need a collective “Kathleen is right”.

  3. LOL I am in fear of losing my husband to a certain swine in LI. Thank god I’ve seen The Boar so I know you are well taken care of;)

    I swear the story is true. Rinaldo saw that pig crumb sweeper, it was the last one, and said, “you have to send that to Ann”.

    ..and yes he bought me a one to, a very stylish black model…

  4. I cannot BELIEVE you didn’t go with the Colinette…
    and for God’s sake, woman, that man of yours has a pair of guns on him the like I’ve never seen! What more do you want??

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