P3210068 P7210233
art glass boar bought at Corning Glass Museum

little pug napping
or trying to, if only someone would put the damn camera away



12 thoughts on “

  1. Oh, he is so CUTE!!

    One of my sisters gave my brother one of those tennis ball launchers last weekend. I told him that it take some practice to actually launch one. ; )

  2. That glass boar is fabulous…however, I do have a hand-carved, anatomically correct boar from the Bahamas that a newly-wed couple gifted me for playing organ at their wedding that might give your glass boar a run for his money. I also have a real boar’s head mounted on my office wall (taxidermied of course)…we use “Boaris” for our Madrigal Dinners every Christmas time. I am so glad I found your blog….you make my day!
    A fellow pig collector/knitter

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