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On the left is a not so great picture of my square. I have already sent the square off into the world, otherwise I would take another picture. This is handspun and navajo plyed and the stitch pattern is fishbone lace.

The picture on the right is the beginnings of Pomatomus socks. I cast on for these last night. I was going to knit a pair of Retro Rib, but after I got about two inches into those, I thought I would try something new. So the yarn came off the needles and was turned into this. Speaking of the yarn – I am using Wildfoote. I shall withhold my opinion until I have more of a knitted sample to judge. The problem is that during the knitting process, I like a thicker sock yarn, something along the lines of Socks that Rock or Cherry Tree Hill. It feels better in my hands and makes the knitting that much more enjoyable. For wearing purposes however, I often prefer my Trekking socks since they fit more comfortably inside my shoes. I am betting the Wildfoote will fall into this category. Such a conundrum!
Tomorrow I am traveling to the Poconos. I shall be hanging out with a group of friends from high school. Socks make the perfect traveling project. I hope this pattern will be ok for simultaneous knitting and visiting.

The daily pork report is coming to you from the foyer. The big brick wall in the foyer is in fact the back of the fireplace in the living room. I am posting two pictures since yesterday was skipped over and I know what a crushing disappointment that must have been for you both. ; )

P3230073 P3230077

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  1. Thank you for two pigs…I missed you all yesterday. I’m not a fan of WF but it should fit inside a shoe. If you can knit the P-word socks and visit…well, I couldn’t!

  2. Thanks for the fix — I was beginning to feel the shakes coming on. Love the WF color — yum! Safe travels (very jealous.)

  3. Scrumptious. I love the color of the Wildefoot. My experience with it was much the same – I wanted to feel something a little smooshier in my hands, but I made my first real pair of socks out of Wildefoot and I still wear them 7-8 years later, and they fit in shoes. I can’t say the same for some of the fancier artistry yarn I’ve used for socks. So, go for it.
    Just for insurance, I’d bring a second sock project along with Mr. P. socks. You’re probably a better knitter than I am, but I need a quiet room, a lit candle or two and some silent prayers to the yarn goddess when I work on the potomatus. And when I’m visiting with my girls, none of those elements are present. Just sayin’.
    They are beautiful though. Can’t wait to see them finished…

  4. I like both! Have a great time in the Poconos! Man, I have not been there since I was 12. Photos? always love the piggie collection. Have you seen the knitted piglets in Simply Knitting? They’re adorable.

  5. I have the exact same sentiments about sock yarn — maybe someone could invent some yarn that magically gets thinner after it’s knitted, while the sock remains the same size. Yeah, right.

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