And they said it couldn’t be done; that I couldn’t spend an evening chatting and whooping it up with long lost girlfriends while simultaneously drinking and knitting Pomatomus socks. My progress is not an indication that these long lost girlfriends are boring but points toward my mad skillz with the needles and also my hollow leg.
Probably it’s really more about my hollow leg than anything else.

how about a little pork?

foyer pig wearing the sleigh bells that I forgot to put away from Christmas

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  1. I bow at your soon-to-be-potomatused feet. I’m blaming my inability to execute on a former life of wayward living…They look fabulous!

  2. Your sock looks fantastic!! Sounds like you had a fun weekend.

    I only just put the Christmas stockings away last weekend — St. Patrick’s Day. They’ve been hanging on the stair railing all this time. I’ve been known to have them up ’til Easter, so I was early this year. ; )

  3. Not only did you knit lots and do so perfectly but you did it in a darkish-colored yarn. You must also have very, very good eyes. You should Be Proud.

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