ready …. aim ….. fire!



The daily pork report has moved into the living room. This guy is a very recent acquisition – he is a shooting range target and is made of cast iron. Last month I was at an antique show and there he was. It is the original paint and in the second picture you can see the dents made from the shots. Initially I thought he was more of a target in a carnival type game – something that would use bb guns. Boar inspected him and has informed me that some of those dents are made from a small calibre gun. Boar knows these things from his days spent on his high school’s rifle team.And here is a sock progress shot. So far so good. As you can see I am knitting these on two circulars rather than the dpn’s the pattern calls for. This required only one adaptation which I got straight from Cara who got it straight from Cookie, the designer. When knitting these on two circs, you may encounter the direction to do a yarn over right at the beginning of a needle. Don’t do the yarn over in the traiditonal way – this will make the holes a bit too big. Simply pick up the yarn over on your next round and that will leave you with a more attractive pattern. The sock does appear alarmingly narrow although it is quite stretchy, so my cankles have hope!


19 thoughts on “ready …. aim ….. fire!

  1. I said it before, that is one beautiful sock. Thanks for the tip on the YO. It will make all the difference. I’m still completely stunned that you could work on it and talk – socialize – listen. Amazing knitter…

  2. The sock is quite stretchy. I usually knit my socks on larger needles than the pattern calls for to accommodate my wide feet, but I knit the P-socks on the correct size needles and discovered that they will stretch quite a bit.

  3. Gorgeous sock! It looks perfectly perfect! When I start on socks, I don’t know if I’m more afraid of failing or getting completely addicted. Seems you have a “rescued” pig in your collection. Pretty cool.

  4. have no worries, it’s the streachiest sock pattern i have ever encountered – and the more it streaches the better the pattern looks. also love your pigs, my little sister also collects the, but hers are not nearly so numerous or so interesting.

  5. Not that my opinion matters – but I liked it better when I could count on more knitting content than piggy show-n-tell…

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