This past weekend the Boar and I took to the friendly skies. We traveled to Rochester to visit my Brother and SiL. While we were there, we drove to hear D#1 sing in a choir concert at college. Now I have proven that I can knit Pomatomus while visiting, but even I doubted my ability to remain in pattern while in motion. With that in mind, I cast on for EZ’s baby surprise jacket.


I am using Blue Sky dyed cotton and loving it. This yarn is so soft and none of the hand cramps that sometimes go along with working with cotton. I didn’t think to order another color to add some stripes to the jacket. And I am not wild about unrelieved garter stitch. For now I am thinking I shall add some embroidery or other embellishment to the finished sweater.

The pig of the day comes from Rochester and is now residing in my living room. We went to an antique mall on Saturday and Sil spied this guy …..


the little lidded hen pot was also found there. My pig collection has spilled over into a touch of roosters/hens, but let’s not talk about it.

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  1. I have to make the Baby Sweater but think in two colors. I belong to the BSJ KAL group and some of them are adorable.SO you think Blue Sky would be a good choice? If I ever get to it- but once one of my kids tell me I am going ot be a grandmother I have to be ready! I can’t wait to see yours finished -maybe with some little piglet buttons?

  2. I’ve toyed with making the baby sweater but honestly I’m not sure I like the finished product. Maybe yours will sway me since I have at least 2 baby gifts to make by June.

  3. Thanks for the info about Blue Sky cotton — I usually don’t like 100% cotton, but will try this out for some baby goods.

    LOVE the new green glass. (Just don’t tell the pigs about your fowl habit.)

  4. The Blue Sky cotton sounds like the perfect pairing with the EZ baby surprise jacket. I have considered and reconsidered this pattern. I am eager to see how yours turns out!

  5. That’s another thing I have a small collection of… covered, glass, chicken/hen dishes.

    Love the pig on the drum. I wonder what’s his beat. ; )

  6. You think that Blue Sky dyed stuff is soft, you really ought to try their organic. Amazing. I’ve just finished up a couple of little items with it. I like the BSJ- made one for the nephew- and plan to make another, but with long sleeves. Mods! Watch me go!

  7. Nifty pig and chickie. Please continue to post about the baby surprise jacket. The pattern has been interesting but I haven’t done anything about it yet. duh.

  8. Oh this Blue Sky cotton is so nice, I knitted it last year. I think I may have hot pink, lime green and I am sure I have quite a lot of the Cumin so if you need any for decoration let me know and I will send you some. I can’t tell which color you use but if the cumin fits it I have enough of it for stripes if you like.

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