fancy pig

Work continues on the Baby Surprise jacket. I feel the need to have a finished object and so I will press on with this project despite the fact that I received the yarn necessary to finish my % sweater and the other fact of Pomatomus socks in progress. It is actually knitting up rather quickly and I am enjoying the yarn.

I have had very few FO’s indeed for ’07 and have to turn that around. Not that there’s a race or anything, but still a girl has to have something to show for her efforts!

Here’s a recommendation for you – a friend and I went to the movies yesterday. We saw The Namesake. And we both loved it! If it is playing anywhere near where you are, go and see it. It is definitely worth the time and money.

From a cultural high to a canine low ……. Mr. Poe has developed a wicked case of gas. Nothing has changed – not his food, not his routine – nothing. The strange thing is, it only happens in the evening …… help! he’s killing us.

cute but stinky!

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  1. You are hilarious!I love reading your blog. Hope Mr. Poe’s gas calms down. Does he gulp his food ? Sometimes that can cause gas.
    Thanks for the movie suggestion! While on vacation we will go see if available.

  2. From one fellow stinky squish faced dog owner to another…the answer is yogurt. They love it and will gobble it up and it seems to balance out those tummy issues and make things all around nicer…I use Stoneyfield Farm low fat plain yogurt in winter and full fat in summer. My Boston Terror was having intense gas issues and I found she had been plundering the kitty box…maybe Mr Poe is finding bunny droppings or the like outside (another favorite treat..ugh)…good luck..the little ones create the biggest stink!

  3. I’ll trade that cute little one for a teenaged girl who thinks her noise is cute and funny! You could always play the game of “Let’s Pass the Gas” Love Fancy Pig!

  4. Oh, these comments have me laughing. Dog gas…oh gosh. Poor Poe puppy’s parents! The yogurt sounds like a good idea, though. Have any candles to light? :-)

  5. Hope Poe’s toxic gas clears up soon! LOL What is the story on the fancy pig? What make is it and where did it come from? That’s a nice piggy I want to know more!

  6. Lily, our puggle, is toxic too. I wonder if it is part of her breeding or because she just inhales her meals! You gotta love him and her. Might I recommend one of those battery operated hand fans on the table next to you. A dispersion of the gases and highly advised from the mouth of experience.

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