Ann on Why Blog Reading is Bad for You and can Lead to Fever & Chills …..

Fever symptoms:

somehow, somewhere I followed a link from someone’s blog to 101 Cookbooks. I read the recipe for frozen yogurt and her love for her Krups ice cream maker. In that moment, I became convinced that I too needed a Krups ice cream maker. right now.

A quick internet searched led me to the conclusion that people LOVE their Krups La Glaciere ice cream makers. And to the other conclusion that Krups is no longer making that model. ah, the agony!

I was almost heartbroken until I discovered this Cuisinart ice cream maker on sale at Williams Sonoma. Actually the price isn’t all that stellar, but that extra bowl tie in is irresistible. A quick call to my local Williams Somona store confirmed that they had them in stock. And wasn’t it convenient that I had to run to the mall anyway??

so let’s see, I read about them at 8:00 am and owned one by 11:30.
this is the chills part

I made that frozen yogurt recipe at 101 Cookbooks last night. I used greek style yogurt as they recommend. It was fantastic.

Today’s pig is one that I made with my own two hands. Many moons ago I took a pottery class and made this guy.


~Thank you everyone for your kind words about my canine drama. Life has gotten back to normal around here for the dogs except for the jingle of their new collars and tags~

12 thoughts on “Ann on Why Blog Reading is Bad for You and can Lead to Fever & Chills …..

  1. You read about the ice cream maker at 8am and by 11:30 you owned one. How long was it before you were eating your homemade frozen yogurt? Just curious.

  2. You know, you say “read about them at 8 a.m. and owned one by 11:30” like it’s a bad thing. ;)

    Seriously, I love my Krups, which I’ve had for about 8 years, and from what I know about the Cuisinart machine, it functions pretty much identically to the Krups. Welcome to the wonderful world of always having a chill container at the ready in your freezer!

    Incidentally, my mom and I arrived at Maryland Sheep & Wool at 9:30 on Saturday, and by 11:45 I had bought all of the yarn in the picture on my blog. Two hours and fifteen minutes. Sometimes the good stuff just calls to you — and sometimes the good stuff calls and demands that you buy it *right now*. :)

    So does this mean we can share ice cream recipes now? (Woot.)

  3. It doesn’t get any more impulsive. Good for you. I’ve made homeade ice cream (without the maker- jesus that took forever) and it’s always delicious, What other flavors do you have on the horizon?

  4. Must Have New Kitchen Gadget!

    Oh, and you’ll probably come to the same conclusion I did about jingling dog collars – music to your ears!

    Now, what to do about the gas…

  5. Luckily, I’m so tired it will probably be tomorrow if I succumb to the lure of the ice cream machine. You wrote about that machine and the frozen yogurt to have company in the I own my own ice cream machine department, didn’t you? :-)

  6. It’s giddy around here with the ice cream maker ( and the pugscapades. Poe should get the riot act read. xo Kay

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