These guys were among my first Ebay purchases. They are Japanese and my only regret is not bidding higher on other items that lady was auctioning. I seem to remember some mugs and maybe a bigger pitcher.

Anyway, the taller one is supposed to be a coffee pot. Shortly after winning and receiving these, I filled him up with some after-dinner coffee. I like to use my things and was also trying to impress upon Boar that new pig pitchers were useful and Ebay was good. (Let me take this moment to confess that now and again I exhibit a simplemindedness that is astonishing. I like to think of myself and a smart person. A clever person. These moments shatter such illusions. Remember this one?) So there I am being all wifey, wifey serving up the coffee in my new pig pitcher. It is a bit smaller than I thought it would be but if I filled it to the top I should have enough room in there for two mugs.

fill it to the top. key phrase right there.

I could not believe when the coffee started pouring out of that thing’s mouth.

I am plotting a little road trip to Granny’s today. I want to buy yarn to make that crocheted granny square bag that Vicki and Margene are taunting me with.

This has nothing to do with me being bored of moss stitch. I think I am more bored with the lopi. ; )

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  1. Hahahahahaaaa,,, you just made my morning, thank you! Speaking about shapes coming out of things, what do you think of Cara’s latest square coming off the dpns? :)
    And about those beauties that I detecteds in your first kitchen shot, the small one is for milk? it is so cute, I thought it is a mug, close enough.

  2. Granny squares! There’s something in the air, I think.

    Oh, LOL! That is so something that I would do. I prefer to think of it as spacially challenged as opposed to mentally.

  3. Let’s make that crocheted blanket that Cara is knitting-translation: if we do it together I’ll have lots of help!!! Happy Mother’s Day you mother, you!!!xoxoxoc

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