Willow blocks for my Larger than Life Bag. I am suddenly hooked on crochet! Way back when in the mists of time, I learned how to knit before crochet. However, I actually crocheted projects first. It has been years since I crocheted anything – the last project was a granny square afghan when my Big Bro headed off to college (Lehigh, so I made him a chocolate brown and white blanket). Margene and Vicki re-ignited my love of all things Granny with their Larger than Life bags and I knew I had to make one. And I’ve already got my sights set on that Babette blanket……

I made a trip to Granny’s (another Granny I love!) on Friday and met up with Kathleen who patiently helped me make yarn and color decisions. After lots of dancing around the shop with armloads of yarn, I decided on Plymouth Encore – it’s economical, washable and offers lots of colors. I have been happily churning out squares since then. And in the highest of compliments both daughters said they would like granny square afghans for themselves.

speaking of daughters …. D#1 was dropped off at JFK last night. The flight was headed to Frankfurt with a layover and should be landing in Athens as I type this. Now that it has begun I am feeling much calmer – I think the anticipation was killing me more than the actual event.


Cara gave me these piggy knitting needles. She found them on Etsy – aren’t they fabulous?

12 thoughts on “Granny

  1. My grandmother made me a beautiful granny square blanket when I was a teenager. I loved it so much it fell apart with use. I’ve always thought that if I could actually crochet I would recreate it.

    I hope you weren’t planning on absconding with any yarn from Granny’s, that security chick she’s got is scary;)

  2. Your squares look fantastic!! Love the colors. I wish I was working in wool… I’m almost finished with the crocheting part — found a mistake and I’m wondering whether it bothers me enough to rip.

  3. I really like Encore and think it’s a great choice for a blanket.

    I think it would be cool to find a thrifted afghan and make a purse out of that! No needles necessary.

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