Here is a picture of one wall in my kitchen. Please disregard all the crap on the kitchen table – that box with the lady’s face on it? a new cell phone for moi! I never even noticed that face until I took this picture and that box has been sitting there since last night. Anyway, the pig of the day pictures are moving off of the hutch.


Today’s picture is of the brackets that hold up the shelf right above the hutch. There are four of these guys.

I spent most of yesterday morning/early afternoon giving Cara crochet lessons over the phone. If I do say so myself, I have a knack for teaching and this is not the first time I’ve used Ma Bell to spread the Gospel of Fiber. I even talked FA in PA through knitting socks on two circs and turning the heel over the phone! Although these phone consults usually require a prior fibery knowledge.

This morning I need to fire up that lawn mower and try to beat the predicted thunderstorms. I will be spending the remainder of my day seaming crochet blocks together and possibly moving onto crocheting the rest of the bag. Tonight is spinning guild! – spinning novelty yarns in on the agenda.

6 thoughts on “

  1. I love your kitchen! SO many unique things on your pig bracket shelves.Have fun at spinning.
    My first Spinners and Weavers guild meeting this Sat. Now I have to learn to spin and decide what to do about getting a wheel.Any suggestions for a slow learner?

  2. too wonderful! it looks oddly similar to my kitchen, the table at least, where I sit and knit and work on the laptop… except there’s no green outside my door :-(

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