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I thought I was finished with the pigs sitting on the hutch. But somehow I missed a few – on the left are a set of hors d’oeuvres picks that were another excellent Ebay find and on the right is a fantastic present that you can read about here.

I had an email from D#1. She is loving Greece! The performances have been going well and they have done lots of sight seeing. I have been following along on the itinerary – today they were traveling by bus to Peloponnese to Corinth, Mycenae, Nafplion and Epidaurus. We bought her an expanded memory card for her camera and she said she is getting lots of good pictures.

My day’s itinerary does not include such exotic ports of call. I will be traveling by car to Costco. There I will avail myself of some samples, perhaps have an impulse purchase but will absolutely be procuring some dog food. After touring Costco, I will hop back into the car and whisk myself and D#2 off to the barn. Along the way I shall enjoy the sites of the Long Island Expressway. After this whirlwind day of shopping and driving, I will enjoy watching the season finale of The Office which I missed last night. I do not have expanded memory in my camera and shall take no pictures.

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  1. I’ve gotta catch up on the Office episodes I missed (yay, iTunes!) before I watch the finale. It’s been so long I almost can’t remember if I’m on Team Pam or Team Karen.

    Enjoy your day (pictures or no)!

  2. Don’t miss the “l’il bit at the end” (that’s what my husband used to call the last few moments of a tv sho when he was young–so he wouldn’t be rushed off to bed). It’s a great payoff! Awesome episode–enjoy.

  3. What a wonderful experience… hers, not yours. BUT quality time with D2 is always a wonderful thing. And of course, impulse purchases are so easy in Costco.

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