the pits


Do you see that? Do you know what that means? It’s true – I have reached the underarm! The moment I was convinced would never arrive is finally here. I have achieved underarm shaping on the back piece. THE END IS IN SIGHT PEOPLE! After this, one sleeve remains – which seems like absolutely no big deal after the desolation of the back. And then seaming it up and knitting the hex border and that part will be fun.

A number of you asked what is a Regents test after I mentioned that D#2 took the last of hers. Truth be told they are something of a mystery to me as well. I grew up in PA and had never heard of them until I moved to NY. Here is what Wikipedia has to say. I would summarize by saying that they are subject tests given by the state and a student cannot graduate without passing them. Depending on the courses taken, they begin in the 9th grade and end in either the junior or senior year. D#2 just finished her junior year and took the very last of her Regents exams which was physics. whew. After I finish this post, I am going to plan a three day trip to visit colleges with her.


13 thoughts on “the pits

  1. They sound like the PSSAs here in PA only more challenging and a hell of a lot more relevant. Personally, I loathe the PSSAs but they don’t sound as bad as the Regents.

    So happy to hear of your underarm achievement! Looks like the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a train after all.

  2. Yay1 Almost time to cast your hexes! Our “Regents” are called FCATs and determines the amount of state funding and grade the public schools receive. No one is happy about those.

  3. College tour – such fun and very important in the choosing process at least in our experience, we did it last March. Please share the colleges. I find the process fascinating.The regents sound like our matriculation tests in Israel.

  4. Yay, armpits! Hey, how come none of the daughters want to come to school in California? I could give you a bang-up tour of UC Davis (and all the sheep farms around here).

  5. So when I was in 11th grade and in high school in upstate New York, on the very morning of my chemistry Regents exam, on which I was going to get between an 83 and an 87, which really upset me, because I NEVER got below a 93 on a Regents exam, The New York Post printed the answer key to the Regents exam for the chemistry exam on the front cover as part of a story it was doing to prove how easy it was for students across all of New York State to get the answer keys to the Regents exams to such exams as chemistry.

    Which only proves what a fucking lameass loser I was for not knowing anything about how to steal answer keys from Regents exams.

    My brother (two years older but also taking the chemistry exam, not because he was stupid, but because I skipped tons of grades – see “lameass loser,” above) had the answer key, of course.

  6. My son took the Physics Regents last week as well. He was a senior but we moved to NY last summer and he was reguired to take ALL the required Regents over the past year. I am so glad that it is all over, and so is he. He graduated on Sunday.

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