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Things have been hectic around here. Thursday was D#2’s last final – it was also her last Regent. TGTO (thank God that’s over). Friday she attended her boyfriend’s senior prom, so there was a flurry of activity getting ready for that. But hard work pays off – look how cute she is!


I was invited to sing Happy Birthday to my favorite Bronx Girl on Saturday afternoon! Her birthday is Wednesday, go on over there and tell her she looks fantastic for her age. Kathleen and I hopped in Onslow headed to the Bronx and feasted on Maribel’s excellent cooking. OMG can that girl cook. She is a cooking wonder – it was all in Spanish, so I cannot even begin to tell you what she made. Lots of it was fried and really, that’s all that needs to be said. Yum! I also got to meet Chante, Risa and Tisha. Yes, meeting them was almost as good as Maribel’s cooking. Although none of them are fried. It was a great time and besides the feasting there was plenty of fiber play.

From that party, I headed straight to another party! Flair (the blogless wonder) was celebrating her daughter’s high school graduation. And that was another fantastic time with more delicious food. Do you get the sense that I don’t need to eat for an entire week after this past weekend?

On the knitting front I shall just say the moss stitch continues. My next project is The Babette blanket for which I have received fabulous yarn, colorful yarn, glorious colorful yarn. Yet I abstain. I cannot start that project until the Hex is lifted.

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  1. That second picture of your daughter can’t help but make a person smile. She’s got that nose-crinkly smile that is totally infectious (in a good way) and she’s adorable. (I miss high school a little.)

    Also, WTF is a Regent? Is that some secret East Coast thing that us Pacific Northwesterners wouldn’t possibly understand?

    And may the moss stitch end soon for you, and because it’s DONE, not because you had to put it in a timeout.

  2. Darling, it was wonderful having you over! You were the hit of the party helping everyone with their knitting. You will be pleased to know that Maribel collapsed on the couch as soon as everyone left and I cleaned, spruced up her blog and sent my husband out for White Castle cheeseburgers for her. Hopefully she felt appreciated after that!

    How did the Bronx carrot cake go over at your second party?

    …and Tisha does need a blog;)

  3. Saturday was just so fabulous! It was soooo good to meet you. Oh and I counted, I’m sticking by 10 though I still say that the charkha doesn’t count :)

  4. Your “little” one is just a princess! Aren’t these grand times? I told Cara that I can’t believe how much you two are liking crochet, but to a fairly new knitter & life long crocheter, I’m enjoying the validation :) Eat on woman!

  5. I’m so glad I met you this weekend and now I’m conviced that I need a knitting birthday party as well. I also agree that Tisha needs a blog and you’re a braver knitter than I am to try and tackle all that moss stitch.

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