These are some very cool Mardi Gras pig beads straight from New Orleans! Cara brought them back from her trip last year. She had a knack for finding great oinkers!

Tomorrow D#2 and I depart for the college trip. Some of you asked where we will be headed ….. first stop tomorrow is Sarah Lawrence. Wednesday we will be seeing both Vassar and SUNY New Paltz. Bard is on Thursday’s schedule.

I shall be taking along the Hex Coat, but I don’t know how much knitting time I’ll manage …….

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  1. Today’s piggies reminds me of the frog beads a friend of mine got for me in New Orleans. I have them hanging on my bedroom doorknob. My mom thinks they’re sooooo tacky. ;)

  2. You did good mom! Now how’s about a little bribe for Cara’s big secret? Better to have the project with you and not work on t too much, then have loads of unexpected time on your hands and a forgotten project no?

  3. I saw those. And others. Ask me where and I’ll tell you, and I’ll tell you where I ended up, and then I’ll tell you where I transferred to when I figured out that I was in hell.

    I wish I had the promise of college before me again, instead of the “no, I swear I’ll pay my student loan” of graduate school ahead of me.

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